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Sunday, September 4, 2011


some live life like a savage in pursuit of that cabbage
stepping on heads & snapping vertebreas at random,
filling their overheads with emotional baggage...lavish enough to spread threw out the rest of the cabin
chump bitches...
tell all their buisness,
fuck around and end up their own star witness
seas of perpetrators,
man its so clear,'
stop snitching or have your whole set sent up for years.
three cheers for the rusty cans and vomitspit,
odd topics as we break into kumquats with gorgeous housewives covered in black eyes and puffed lips,
smoking cigarettes while sitting like junkies waiting for a fix
fidgiting and skidish,
relentless in the questions that are stricken
but records are intact if your in the buisness of making it peoples last night in the city limits
pass me the flask over this burning trashcan and tell me the story of how you got here,
for I fear its the only story I know
it seems as if life is merely an odyessey of hope
nose goes on the next pirate run,no guns,only stash spots and bibles on the front

why do you wan to be the guy everyones looking for?

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