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Saturday, August 20, 2011


If the galaxy bends,

Im glad I had friends and enemies...not those miserable wretch inbetween.

that all my PHAM kept it real

spennin time sinnin and grinnin,pimpin and spippin,

experimenting like street drugs with prison and public school systems

trippin visciously while spinning wisdom in and out of sentences vividly

for instance it wasnt till tonight I realised THESE EYES HAVE EYES intermittenly

its got me thinking ocean deep,past the trenches in the big blue sleep

these crazy thoughts maybe unorthidox,

but the world maybe truly in black and white coexsiting as a paradox

as long as you pay no attentions to the conformites of the box


you only can use this brain once, so let all things imaginable be done

let its be as gorgeous as the nights end kissed goodmorning by the sun

its colors,the fright of the darkness and the wonder of the fuzzy glow

the splendid attribues of the unknown,almost as natural as learning or growing

for warnings are only fair warnings in this day and age of random chance and sheep slaughtering

hell even massacures happen in nurserys and dormatorys

strange ways to relive pain

this death and destruction is to my brain

for it is like me in many ways,but simply the inside of this body that I see deterirate

my temple of the blind

could I ever trust with these rainy eyes

skys smile in deep purples and white


why did I never kiss her,might this had all been diffrent in time

or would it be much similar

just harder and with more denial

aisles & aisles of the same product with diffrent prices.

I always wanted to ask my father for his advice on x chromosones

on violence

on vandalisim

but the beauty of it all as I came to see

is how much we differ,how sheltered we both beleive it should & shouldent be

not all men are created equal

it depends on how you THINK & the talents you exceed in

even evil is honorable if there are no other decisions

bare witness


clarify your conciences

some of us have angels

some of us have demons

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