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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

early mornings in austin

as I sweat booze in the late febuary heat
I feel a swell of emotions in this heart
the stars guide my devine
so the modern ways we perceive thought...
change is for those who are to scared to wait
excited to see how things play
out...out in the cosmos..
dates sway as I change..
her mind is playing tricks on mine from miles away
and I pray everything will relate
but alas
its fate..
or faith..
or dreams as a memory...or dreams as a manifestation
it can be tragic the way we become
who weve always wanted
to see
in the world

Saturday, February 25, 2012


today is no monopoly
I shall not risk my life to continue what someone else sees as my birth rite
my family has served in those lines
and if an occasion arrises where I find my family in ties
then I shall not hesitate to remove some eyes
but to this opened mind
I see there is light in every
& child.
Infelliable mysterys of an infinate universe
my thirst is to stand among the suns and
radiate the love that I feel from the essence of my bones
then comb the land for the woman that I love
& ride my chariots to the netherworlds..
my hands are open


dutch masters of the universe
as we converse over satirical
fibbs were foreboading so we let the owning
playing second fiddle.
in a sense we were lions with
sharks heads
constantley moving.
dismembermeing relentlessly as the nights churned
and my nightmares were getting
I was back in first grade
when class mates were being
never to be seen again
but there was
like a pinch to my central nervous system...
was so intiment
it made my vertigo kick in again
a complete loss of motor skills..
falling straight down
into the
never to be heard from again...
and I guess thats
whats worse
an this head

Friday, February 24, 2012


Roba with the tussin
bussin down customs with capital pinups
fussin like tusslin landlords
otherwise known as property owners in this idealiopolisis

slum wars.

besides there was a pizza box in the was foreshadowing of an other wise disturbing scenario

homies in mental hospitals
homies going to war.

sometimes you can only save your own soul...

besides they were to0 close to constables
it was a cosmopoliton play for those in the know
in some overly dramatic way,

and all I wanted to do was smoke straight dope...

any way.


my brain is cracked
im oozing thoughts like a rabid
the cloud coverage is expansive
& discret
the night breathes betweens moments of peace
in this
my mind soars sky high...and in my dreams is where the energy has reached

its zenith



sit and watch the lights of the city flicker in

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


In my meditation I stare directly into your eyes
theres no sounds in my head
and for a moment
my souls calm.

If I were to be fed
milestones and guidelines
then like the rest
I would be led.

its been said
time and again
that truth
comes with a slide of hand.

and Im privies to that
so my actions

with alternate time lines
and the way things
i would have liked
for them to have been.

I feel at ease
to know

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


random acts of vandalism
got me caught up in energy scandals
dreams of pyramids engulfed in technicolor prisims
feeling devanaire...
decompressing in random altitudes..
money wise scare


I just need some time to ramble
dabble in the good life...align my idiosyncrasies
smile in the moons eyes..
the one with miles to hike
the one with smiles from a mermaid who lives in ohio
(not to be exact)
with her hair golden threads of sunshine.

my spine

is my affair
take time to bare with us
fair natured children
driving a mental school bus


I travel
but theres only friends and rat dogs this summer..
bummer for my brothers who still cant figure out which crowd they belong in...
I on the other hand...just feel the need to be as close to omnipresent as i can get...

its one of my many gifts...

I guess more so...Im manifesting it

Saturday, February 18, 2012


these teeth clinch..straining every tear dry
its clear who I am in most eyes..
and thats fine.
fly by night,
childhood died...
I'll accept the role of the bad guy...
if it means I get to hold onto my own life..
I reap the benifits of this wide open third eye
my skull is crystalized
my spirit is crushed
so I snort the remnients of this ancient love..dust myself off
and see the powder that covers this universe.
theres writing on the wall...and its a sign to why I sit and cry in the middle of this california king size...
you can never have it all...
young choose wisely...
its these next few hours that will define


the sounds reverberate threw out this hollow chest
a breath of fresh air...a hammer to my solar plex..
but all my family members are feds ( or trying to be) Im resurrecting
that stitched mouth reprimanded
single syllabus firing.
keeping my timing to critical minimal s while sipping this stream.
conscience...i feel as though im asleep
conveniently destroying all I seek.
so as we pow wow over trees
I whisper:
"I think im feeling."

Thursday, February 16, 2012

these eclectic tastes have me in a phase
I want to dance in every mind I face
but my place is among the stars...I dare say...
why must you treat me like municipal waste...
these dreams are no facade
and Ive come so far...but you see the scars
and I cant blame you for it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I'd like to say things havent changed
but as I watch the sway of the lake,
I understand
nothing can stay the same.
you infect my brain in the most glorious way
...I lay awake and
in pain...
Im always running away..
to find a lay..
or my place..
when in reality it was in your arms...I dare to say..
I was dared to stay...and I know things wont be the same
and Ill run back teary eyed and we'll share our tales
and pick each others brains.
so quiet
we wait
but even as I sweat it out on valentines day
I hear your heart in every step I take


Friday, February 10, 2012


this dusty old soul is in the same smelly clothes..
its been a while since ive loved
even longer since I thought about US...or her...or The U.S. as a whole..
I smell you on my lips..
I see you as I roll through the santa fe sunsets
your scent on the sand.
everytime I speak a sentence...these paragraphs are riddle with coincidence..
mysterious forces that sweep me away to the weird places..
like home.
again and again
along these rusty train tracks she so longs for..
& the whiskey on my breath says otherwise...these words arent ours
nor could I ever return without a battle scar
or war paint from the tribes I keep finding myself apart of..
but god damnit,
I hope were wrong.

Monday, February 6, 2012


I watched the chem trails wade across the blue skied range
wailing pink
splatters of paint...
vomiting the suds of this sour mash gasoline
faint breaths as the stored psychopsylocibin reached my eyelids
time became mere currency...
i know..its madness...
In this state I see,
and seem to be in
preaching to my soul
my lesson is rarely relative to these
struggles of modern men
it is what it is

old man

Thought you were a Titan
greater than the Gods
with the stature of a giant..
first I bow in silence
then i shut my eyelids
I could go out in style
but I would prefer disciples

a toast

to the ways it could've