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Monday, October 29, 2012


I dont sleep much
nor well
it has nothing to do with fish scale
or private hells
just an air matressess.
carless actor
half-ass poet.
ghost like todo,poof,up in smoke
coast to coast
low pro
dont talk much
im not involved in lush brushs like rush
I dont have a lot of time for dribble.
all it is //is hush-hush.
scribbles and pen strokes for this bloake moaning
flail of syllabus,
composed of smoke & a few nights in a jail house
i think it has somthing to do with failing now
im tired of my hands at rest
i need more scars
more burns
more tests
lordy lord the herds are marching to slaughter
i feel otherworldly at hours
lack there of
the over whelming lust for knowledge
all crushed
long bearded man-child
driving at top gear on a motorizedhover-bike.
david icke.
half hour power outage
brain circuts circus
I think im into belly dancers & isolated train
compartments with fine cigars and catered diner cars.
submerged memories;crumbled pages of memoirs
battle scars so hideous they need beauty marks
star charts
dark arts
mirrors for line division
night vision
& the way she walks alone in the park
unafraid of sharks
I mumble out sparks,I see stars
she been abucted by aliens before
"god damn"
I say
"what exactly was it you saw?"
she rambles on
until she can barely talk
we both havent walked in moments
so my dead legs burn as I try to adjust
I can feel it in my SOUL that this took all her
but adjusted truth,proven fact
& doubt
I was out of things to do
I never controled anything,why should I be able to
for you
I'd do anything
splatter my brains in revolutionary tales for decades
until they become
that becomes myth
& the sands of time wash it away...
I never wanted to be anything,and look at me now,I'm exactly that
except with the stroke of a pen,
& the right shake of a hand that could all
its all spin,until rent cant come up again
but thats why I have friends who dont know my kin
now & again
I'll lend a helping hand to uphold a sentence
Ill never serve one
unless I plan it.
finish him,rings in my head as I walk threw the valley of death
...I wish this was one of those for 'instances'
or all for divedends
but again
I stress
Its just the paranoia I live in
at least I admit it,
never let it get all in
because once you lose sight
it could all

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I lost so many friends to being who I am
so I never lost a one
& this,the outcome
is the most beautiful thing I could have ever imagined.
my soul is filled with passion,especially threw the action
of holding my loved ones.
these beautiful women I wake up for,the same ones Id kill for
a normal reaction to passion of the heart
more & more I see myself becoming the villain
from telling the truth
or being steadfast in my opinion.
in my opinion
this is the brash reaction of a street rat
one whos mom and dad still breast feed them cash
so they can act out what they dont feel inside:
a sense of self,
the apple of my eye
the reason I reside in the slums
or in a penthouse each night.

a word to the wax

foliage salutes my ruin
to many listless nights run ruthless
lurid chunks of "posts" & proof reads
blue prints to sooth punks &
retired priests.
beliefs anchored so deep
to even question seems to be
without reason.
seasons wear on and eventually breed treason
lesions lead to coffins
war bleeds each solider of pension
returning hobbled,
or mentally spent
becoming nothing more then a spectacle to be scoffed at
as they simply try to move on
& follow passions.
peeling off their skins & only shitting with the use of aparatus
amputee tongue tied sample of reason/
social status
why I sit on the side line ignited into a blind fit of passion
because my best friends are so brash all they wanna do is bash heads in
& I feel em
except my enemies reside in office buildings
& aren't blindly following prophets from centuries ago
my enemies are garnering wealth & power regardless of outcome
I can smell fear.
this isnt even close to a power struggle
so my intial thought is to get from round here
intentions so clear
love of my peers
so much so,that I'll continue to steer
this flesh & bones
right threw the stratosphere
so we can reach the stars
that brought us here.
and if I fall
before I wake
I pray my brothers & sisters find themselves wide awake
on the other side of pain
instead of wading threw a firey lake.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


relaxing on this bed of air
listening to her heart beat on the other side of heaven
I can only hope when its my time
I will be half as timid.
so arrogant
now that this brains focus has been opened
& like a rotten cadaver,tossed to the cannibals to dismember
I WILL construct a new portrait
a dissertation on the purity of my opus
disenfranchised the night my eyes scattered like a murder of crows
my memory of her is out of focus
splashes of sunlight in fractiles,
with dirty old clothes
as that fire in my heart rose to the rafters
with laughter,I consistently explode out a symphony of cander
let us snuggle & get blunted in the anex
a dream to a manic depressive
with anxiety
& an unwillingness to accept negative manifestations
I digress.
press on,sing on,these are the words in my lungs
neon stop lights signal every bar on the way home
and here I am,
reading cormac mccarthy and pulling whiskey as I conjur up poems
oh and the sun
its long gone
all spun out on the lawn as I speak in hodge podge
old friends lost hope a long time ago.

Is this how the greats lived
is this how my parents envisioned their sons gifts

albatroses tied to his neck,wings locked into place,coasting jet streams for decades
and yet all people see is my feet dangling
streets run gangrene with old concepts,even older prophets
telling you to cop ish,and shop till you drop,
because thats all you is,a ho in the masters garden
& thats for all races
all genders.
splintered factions will do nothing but fraction the movement
a million seperate parts moving as one
that is the planet I'm from
join me on it.
not that scare tactic,
duopoply facade...even if its been done before
lets think,lets art,lets teach
because all 3 concepts
need repeat.

we were each born liars
we were all born free

let me cut out my tounge before I get to preachy...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

shots at the bar

I was born with a chain saw for a heart
& buzz saw jaws
ready to tear apart any of you DOGS
who just bark,bark,bark
socks full of padlocks are my entourage//catch me in the garage
car on
middle of winter,smoking swishers
no shirt on painting portraits in
MY selfish IMAGE
writing this scripture your now envisioning
manifesting,and seeing yourself
involved with .
like a nervous sister waiting to get hers//after watching the rest of the family get hacked to
stupid kids
always bitching about not getting any.
wake up in diffrent cities
with 3.50 in your pocket
no maps & torn socks
then complain about the state of things
and how you deserve more profit.
I do.
not so I can by jewels
loose wiring//firing of syllabus and synonyms like lightning
realizing full circle events from my
and its all due to knowledge of self
proof of truth written across this body with various scrapes
& teeth marks.
the thing that brought us out of the dark
to the zentith of enlightenment were at now...
but it seems like a belly full of entitlement is all these fat cats
shovel into their mouths
in the midst of the rubble
us ruggard
puddles of divedends (to the upper echelon)
will get our full rebuddle
with extra clips
even as I write this sentence
with all this new legislation
I could up
peers wouldent be able to clear up my whereabouts
ha no doubt
I wont be residing at Gwen Stefanis house
Ill probally be in the catacombs of the Scottish rite
getting spiked///
so out of spite
I write this tonight
so if I die,my life
will inject some into closed eyes
because these times are passion//laced with red handed denial
as romans,we shall fall as the romans fell
in hell
lets take shots at the bar.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I met my baby in the firing line

overly dramatic prose
trying to return from a semester of
months turn to dumps on this runaway train of
sparring like war lords so we don't end up behind
but the news encourages to turn our brothers
I'm in the motherland hoping this blows
but the feds in control
and the golds all gone
so now all they need are our
so the goons are out
and the hoods ablaze
with rape
& crack cocaine
kids as rich as CEOs spilling brains in hopes someone///
ANYONE...will remember their name,
their the same ones who've blatantly bombed each city with it,
no worries
they'll be dead in moments
if not seconds.
& the subsequent months will humble the young drastically.
the youth who survive will be scared into anonymity
& will no longer hope to die so
the ones of the middle
like me,myself & I
will harbor lakes of fire in their eyes
ready to ride threw life on rims with no tires
sparks flying because we're so wired
& hungry
and deserve so much
more jewels
more bombs
more loans
we're getting bored raiding one portion of EARTH
or should I say the buisness plot
of '33
which really started in 1911
& INDEFINITE DETENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm out here gettin some &
these politicians got some nerve
that's why I don't plan on stopping until my soul is silenced
& the tree of liberty is replanted
or the stump is burned.
thanks to ruthless cowards who hide in towers
controlling the bank of England
affecting the rest of the worlds economics
for martyrs spar long past their death;
devoid of debt or the rule that couples
full of furious vengeance
like 9/11 just happened again
probably because its in planning
but I ain't no
just a student of history & the law
trapping our way out of the system.
Ive got streets to turn
into cultural meccas!
where you can pray freely to Mecca
or a Christian
though I don't abide by either one
still on the up & up with my
I sit quietly with a smile & a gun
ready to take back our .orgs
& .govs
returning it to the people of the world wide web
each person,
ever so interconnected.
I guess I'll down another soma
because these dilitonts will be dessert by the time I'm
silenced so my brothers can fight shoulder to shoulder with soldiers
& atlas can finally share his burden.
scores of the daring impaired will tear down ferries wheels
and high rise condos
museums will turn to rubble,as the Hubble telescope gets more and more distant
from our frontal lobes
and children will throw rocks & sticks at fortresses for the rich
simply so they'll receive scraps for
& as winters draw longer
and our hemispheres Dosi doe and leave us all in embarrassment
"that our great global society has come to this"
no lights.
no IV' televisions.
just Darwinism...& Robert Frost recites in the skeleton of a bombed out wall street.
I hope this call is not lost...
I hope GODS LOVE can protect us from friendly fire
this is the world I'm from
the one I was promised
the one with limited options
each so harmless.
which is why I stand pat
& never lose my focus.
this is apart of my opus
intertwined with my endless waltz
where the night-skies smell of fireworks...and even the meek live life like the upper echelon.
I day dream of an Apocalypse
where the only lives lost are lost to living
this is the future I envision
a planet with two suns//not the metaphorical one
I see an air ship with countless turrets
people of all colors
uniting against of only one
that tiny splash of green in the rainbow spectrum....
tis why I appear careless;
so I wont have to survive on carrot sticks
or under surveillance
but brother
stitch your own square in too
however rudimentary.
I'am planning on going harder then teiniman square
because I'm scared shitless that the youth wont care
only because they wont know
what they've missed...a life devoid of debt.
ascension into heaven
becomes one that YOU mold and dictate without limitations
though if you don't believe,
or breathe with the pain
you'll never believe.
as for me,I am not intimidated.
I will fight tooth & nail until my hopes are incinerated
hop on my little spaceship
& ghost
claiming my little corner of the universe
in the cheeseburger nebula...


Thursday, October 11, 2012


asleep on a trapeeze desire,but home...however that comes.

ignited insight on coast to coast flights
high times in pressurized cabins
blabbering about factions and how WE see it happen
keep the needle seated in a full and up right position
if the emergency lights come on
just pray,
weve already been left speechless by the gleams of cities beneath us
teaching reason to the passenger weve been seated next
those seedy bastards
bashful and full of sport
worth a full night of drinking & carolling
door to door in the early morn
the horn sections of our favorite jazz numbers
so the norms know we stew
like sewage under neon streets
a misma of a million sheep
all discussing similar topics
like who they'd fuck
& where to eat.
moon after moon.
I need meat
raw solid facts,logic that set me up for traps
gasp, grasp my nads & spray
this is doomsday
im only surviving off relentless nosebleeds and K
cat tranquilizers for those who are estranged
claim tags keep me bracing for the worst
"...slammed into the side of building then burned..."
rubble collected from my soul is I tumble threw written words
mumble out my own eulogy
watch the night sky burn
I live on a planet with two suns
& I too am a
son...forged of pain & trust.
coupled with extensive brain damage due to drugs
the reason I claim to be a DR & perscribe myself medication.

We've all got a lot to be thankful for

were all on the doorstep of death.


faint stare
fair is cheered when careless pains embaress the
spare me the quaint/melodramatic
quips used to
a reality inside of a dream,careened vessel
inside of a never ending cycle/
it would seem
no interuptions,no assumptions//interceptions.
just 100 percent affection and consumpution
the key word to my ascension
the main reason for my


that and triple beams//jesus/allah/vishnu/jim
PLEASE///spare me
the rest of the century is baring down on me like pyramids with eye lids
its rather careless of ye oldtimers to leave it as it
to not see how these assanine limitations affect me.
clean break
speed date dump session,regretfully
its like taking a rhinoscerous to the midsection say the least
a roll of the dice
but sheesh...
its just the nature of the
the beast inside of me says its time to
but my feet are glued to the
so when options are
what do we
feeding frenzys at dennys with plenty of whip cream and bondage
it sounds so wrong but in a way redundant & at strong peace
my pundents are repugnent and handle no trust funds
because my trustafarian brothers have all moved on from this lawn
a grassy knoll where I watch minds blow
nose goes on this last pirate mission//before we set up retirment homes for 26 year olds
the main vision
gain intrest,speer doubt
let our intrest gain hourly and let no fear in our mouth
my soul is from the south
my body is in the mount
count me in on saving this country from extenction
I know im not the only patriot breathing
the only seasoned vetran teeming
with excitment to gt back out on the feild and ignite
i preach about enlightnment
because its what I need to combat the establishment
the revolving door prison/military industry complex we find ourselves
young men
hell bent
come,come/hush my son
if god so wanted to judge,they too would be punished
brush them aside
and pray wildy for the rest of your months
let flow the rascals
let flow the cunts.
rush to the tunnels to sleep soundly and soft
the moment to battle has
I see it in the souls of my sisters
father forgive those who do not understand whats coming
the writing is on the wall and is rather unbecoming
but money
will always breed enemies...
so we feed that head...until it begs and begs and begs
to be deceased
in a sentence...
my days consist of consent\
exhibitional inhibitions without discipline
either,stipulations become consistent
or bodies become dividends
this is sin
written as if time had no gimmicks
and my intrinsic wits were limitless if my quantum physics were mimicked
subsequently reinjected like stimulus
let us pause for minutes
reflect on how eclectic and checkered my past can get
I start trapping and changing the climate

because I am who I am.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I once loathed how cold blooded I had become
now I'm bored from the sound of the war drums
I feel the stranglehold of "too big to fail" corporations
they've stationed themselves at the top of the key
we're boxed out underneath
taking heat
itd take magic to get us back to the bleachers.
teachers,nurses,fireman,post workers
throw them in the blender then toast to their hard work
you choke on your gold and rubys
Ill smear my face with the dirt...upholding my fore fathers duties
this earth was meant to mold
not on grand scales but on your own particular road
take root
follow threw
whats done is done...truth is truth
proof that what we do day to day dosent define
think we are...the bars are raised
your just at bars trying to get laid
Im on the grind trying to get paid
because a day where I dont collect funds is a waste of a day
plus its not about the monitary aspirations
its only tools so this dream isnt an aberration
to many of you fools are caught up in dividends
and ways to spend the money you havent even gotten yet
its pretty sad that you say you fight the system
when your a main supporter of it
fitted caps,ripped up pants
trying to fit a round peg into a square head
round up the troops,
Im goin all in...servin up scoops to prove im loose with expenditures
but not unwise in the universe.
lurid landscape portaits with my girls as they smoke on the porch
the sunset hits off the glasses of jim
showering technicolor prisims on the front yard and the windows
this is my crescendo

Sunday, October 7, 2012


she sat sideways,fully supporting herself on her right arm...she was naked
shaking from the amphetamines and benzodiazapenes
quietly she slid her arm down the length of the bed until she was fully outstretched
left leg now delicatly placed on her right hip
biting her lip
she breathes out a symphony of regret
all to worthless to be scripted out
all to beautiful to ever
now years later,
states later...after long lay overs,and praise from various patrons
I sip patron,
simply to be cliche.
smoking grams of haze to sail away from these mental wastelands

Id like to say I miss those days...

Id also like to take a moment to pray

that it never gets back to that place.

shes dead by the way.

such is the grand scheme of things.


slow roads lead to large loans;
insurmountable debt.
long paragraphs you keep close to the chest leads to closet depression.
the main reason my thoughts are always public.
caring nor kindness has a definition of weakness
Ill impale your head upon stakes lining the high way into my metropolis
just to let the transients know their welcome
at a cost...regardless of income.
I'm getting to big for my britches
I feel it in every stitch that pops
pusses & sizzles.
pauses for brittle bones finger painting portraits of burned down homes
airports seiged and used as outposts
this is the world I see upon the horizon
a planet with two suns
a bed with no love,only fucks & lust
a dichotomy to some
normal days to most.
I was born to breathe fire & brimstone,in the ways that my father tried
but his soul died the night he became the apple of his "fathers" eye
then dedicated his life to exactly what he has been fighting against ever since...
this is my opus
a manifesto
the crucifixion of my openness.
I quote and steal every word I spin
pissing on conventional wisdom until I get some recognition
and with that open fourum...and a mic in my hand
Ill let my agorophobic narcacisim reign supreme
inbetween my dashes of social life
blazing trails upon the social scene.
reem after reem of paper I could write until my life was nothing but a flickering blip on the radar screen...which is all its ever been
oh,my little bean
keep me sane
Im filled with anger on a day such as today
ready to put my little heart on display for the world to rape
let the three tears I cry every eight months get the best of me
finally break down and break every bone in my hand
punching the fences down I keep getting tried to be placed in
these pens are not my home
those pins are not your life
heady dready kids with no direction running out of time...thats fine
as long as you dont try to bring down my high
high on life,still brash as fuck rolling blunts until my lungs give up
or the sun super novas
rolling over novices like a bull dozer
I think ive pulled my self sober,
bloody noses is the only thing thats kept me from diplomas
chronometric tho,
I'm watching the birth of a universe unfold
my eyes have eyes
& I'm one with my earth.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The fields of Austin.

the fields of Austin
never leave my soul
the breathe on my lips
turns to smoke

I wallow in the graveyard
with poems I scribbled for her
she brings a bottle of whiskey
we sleep away the afternoon

awoke by neon lights
the nightlife calls us home
after parties are the only celebrations
we get up for.

shes much so it hurts
I sleep by the fire;mile high
in hopes
she'll join to keep me warm.

when the morning rolls in
and the record still spins
we wake up and smile at each other
before readjusting;reliving the past few sentences all over again.


patiently waiting on a pole shift
on the highlands in the middle of this continent
pensive & retracted...keeping my mouth zipped
& you still wonder why I get lit.
vomit spit threw rusty nails and snaggle tooths
to buy time and solidify truths
these people can BUY YOU
but thats of this world,
the only doom I speak truths too comes from hevean
a safe haven for wes cravens with X cravings
as long as their love lamp is on


like the gold they need us to be mining

hold up...

Im trying.

to not give to much away,because these day to days dont have equal wages
to keep me life expectancy as high as most of these arrogant bastards think
complacency gets boys beheaded,and women undressed and tossed into vile pits
full of vultures & wolves with a fetish for perky tits
getting spent out on cashed out dreams,high beams cutting threw solar eclipses

solid proof

that were being lied too...I bet you know more about celebrities then how the moon effects tides

how brothers & sisters are dying...simply because of mining rights

land disputes.

We've ruined this planet

so im ready to be on Nibiru

the tenth rock in our solar system on introverted trajectory orbit

that only our culture scoffs at...

so as I study ancient texts,watch the skies and manifest...I understand the subtle workings of the universe

and am steadfast

that its all out of my hands.

fuck im doin talkin bout pineal glands
ancient ways of sumerians
aint nothin wrong with a righteous man

thats why I had to write this man


I guess you can call me soul brother number



Friday, October 5, 2012

A note: Dr.William S. Bonnie

I'd like to get on here and bitch about how "bitches" fuck up my shit.
I aint gon' do dat.
I'd like to sit on here and complain about how the government rapes my dreams
& my checks
& my brothers freedom.
I'd like to name names on all these dames I been given fame with "hers" & "shes"
not that many people read this
I'm not gonna do much...besides fumble threw mumbled untyped words
that pour from my pores like a leaky faucet
untapped resources
like having my score rearranged at the end of the game
just so I can win by more.
lose by less...fuck
its all about perspective.
eclectic persumptions due to race
or color...fuck sometimes pre conceptions from your mother
simply because you assumed LOVE
POETRY...was so easy

its so hard.

to wake up without a support net in the world...

to not bitch or moan about it outloud.

to not mention names...but make sure that dagger goes straight into one of their main arteries

strange...I wish it wasnt this way,


all 3 women whom I love and write to daily


when you cant remember a few years & dont have a care in the world

and most of the people you love most dont have a cohesive thought in their head

or are 3000 miles from your current location.

I used to try to make my vocation vacation

now I just try to stay sane

but no blame.

this is strictly an act by my own brain...

a beautiful misplay

on how to live




your smile is my crown of thornes


it was the disappointment
an appointment for coitus/a series of texts
I got the message
more so,I was disappointed by her intellect
(*lack there of)
above and beyond what I thought was a feeling so strong
was that overwhelming desire to not give a
even threw first snow
as I smoked bowl
after bowl
I stroked my beard & observed as weak birds fell
ironic how fall had become winter yet again
losing their battle with early season winds
this is the thought in my head/
a slow and intimate morning,steam churning from my lungs
bread became toast as I needed something more then substance
a rather laughable thing to want.
yet,here I pray...
day to day
Its so easy to be loud
so painful to be quiet
underneath quilts are these open eyelids
rather dry from trying to strain out tears
so here I lay
self loathing narcissist with predictable tendencies and razor sharp wit
alone in my infancy, a mere child in the grand scheme of it
all in all these walls will hold my fears
but theres none in my heart

so the four winds act as a paintbrush

my eyes=a kaleidoscope

in the grand scheme of it all...what has been done



and I float aimlessly on this rock threw out the cosmos

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

in attempts to become a fortress

I write better with a damp bed and a passed out broad to my left
smoldering cannibus on the night stand
her snores chorus the morning between the birds chirping
my hangover is a signal to the worrisome nature of folklore and fable
at this table is a place set for you,
id take more then a bullet to prove thats true
but Im too nice to be crucified.
she wants someone to treat her like shit,
talk down to her
ignore her for a few days so she can really experience the world
or have somthing to bitch about with her high class friends.
shes addicted to drama,
and feeling like shit.
its evident when she gets mad for me telling it like it is
its a hard life when you act like a spoiled bitch
but who am I to judge...shit...just let me eat my oxy contin and dip
keep chewing on other clitorises until you realize what could have
its been a grip since ive wrote relentless sentences
spinning wisdom intermittently like a wizard from a separate dimension
it keeps me fidgeting,scribbling words on napkins
pensively searching the stars for answers.

I know one thing though...

I need a rich girl like I need another hole in my head


dont let them sleep in your bed

the worst part is...there's still a portrait of you anytime I close my eyelids.