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Friday, September 2, 2011


What I expected left me feasting on the thoughts of blessings & treasures
no no talk over the short sleve draw obsession
I glanced at the eyes of a stranger as I shuffled past
she drew a calm sadistic gaze over a cigarette smoke rings that billowed out,
brushed the hair from her eyes then smiled...coke rings around her mouth.
time after time I had envisoned a design quite comprable to this timeline.
I was unaware such love could sprout..
spine winding down on the falt lines...but you cant breathe sweetly in a rising tide
makes tomorrow feel like five life lines all coming to an ending hopefully a truth will come out.
but to interject would be a medly of unrest,
agression at a high cost of living
then tiy can get your throat slit or do bids in federal prison
not to mention the attention your personality insists on living in would splinter off in jaggd lightning bolt directions
next to greed,revenge is what makes evil breed and fester faster in the hearts of jesters and revrends
masters of sinning and never omitting such faults
no longer will I explain this exsitance...merely will I live it
I speak to the magicans and wizards
in my head I see visions

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