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Sunday, September 30, 2012


my love is existential,penciled in between lines of your laughter
martinis rapture as divine intervention calls us cabs home
shes blown,marching dust & yerba matte has us both in the zone
miles become moments on the highway of trust.
we cover a large circumference before the sun shows
loads are lifted off of shoulders when the moon glows
we roll under covers until the buzz slows
she sleeps for years...I toss and turn
fumbling threw words in the early morning to accurately describe the night before
and why time fluctuates so.
she steps on toes if she wants to
my pain threshold is above and beyond a normal one
the bite marks on my body are a signal to this
my little vampires all blissed out
lying like she is cromatose.
and the suns pumps its rays inbetween the slits in the blinds
my minds eye is connected to hers
if only for a little while.
its odd how things go
how feelings can grow
even if they existed from ignition,its delightful to be confirmed.
so now
as the world turns
I'm elated to learn our feelings twirl
like a cyclone decimating small farming communities in southwestern Missouri.

dam u str8 bby grl

I know you read this.
timid ramblings of a cosmic infant.
I don't know if you can connect all these dots...
even as these storms collage upon the front range...I believe in us
like a typhoon belives in pain.
I lust for trust in a day & age of busted guts for mindless fucks
monitary funds thrusted about as if there was no sun
no fun for trustafarian hum-bum's from bum fuck
with dreams of tummy tucks & humboldt zones
in the middle of IOWA...for slipknots are the noose that binds.
clones of a modern dosage...three microdots short of a high voltage over dose
only in hopes to see other worlds.
but your lost...fuck it...I'am claim to love me with your body
but what about your soul?
nose goes on the next mindless voyage...I hope your sleep isnt somthing you toy with
because I could be the boy of your dreams if your awake enough to see me
glorified addict who dares of being lost over seas,with someone as beautiful as
treat me to reasons you'd still choose him,not that it matters
because real men arent concerned by children
even if he has dividends he probally cant work a .357
or is probally still concered about heaven
I inhabit it.
I cant promise endless prom nights with horse drawn carriages
because I have no care about monitary aspirations
nor comparisons
fair is fair,in these eyes,and Im careless by trade
I say what I say
so the only one to blaim for hearbreaks or vacays
can all be directed my way for the next few days
Ill have you screaming mayday as I play in your place
"your poems get randomly erotic"
as you'd say.

well darlin,I tend to do things my own way.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


she questioned if I had a college education
I asked if she was experienced
we made love for a few weeks
then she disappeared
so here is me,fumbling threw readings
wondering what I could have done to make her love me
but Ive never controlled anything
so its nothing new
old news for a heavy heart so black and blue.
It came like scripture
like a whistle from underneath every thistle of this mustache
every morsel of my laugh interacted with the feeling of stoic backlash
...back handed comments ALWAYS accompanied by a wave of hand
Am I accomplishing nothing...simply by standing pat
clear in the rear view is my view on time & intellectual patten
ill snatch that up,rehash it,and never mention the adaptation
closely intertwined with the thoughts in our mind
I find elation in grabbing my surf board and riding the brain waves
creation theorist with a heart of gold,who sold out to be apart of somthing more
a universe which bestows every wish you could on and so forth
self loathing narcissist who dips and dodges court
affordable to do art at cheap costs...or simply for love
feelings bubble up and tumble over
lust is pro rated and sports rough and tumbles
mumble core fashioned fascist with a taste for louie belts and high speed crashes
downing mimosas with high grade amphetamines and splashes of clarity
compare me to inconceivable delinquents with a taste for devilish
fever...suck it dry until their skulls seperate like conffetti
and their brains are slurped up like spagetti
we are the all seeing
the dreamers of deameaning speechless reason
set in stone seasons
which blow over and seep in
every fractured bone is a literal road I fumble down

each moment is treasured

and Im getting older now.

Friday, September 21, 2012


there was a sewer in her eyes
industrial light as the miasma hugged the skyline
our souls have been asleep for sometime
spires collided with the geometric shapes in our spines
wine was sipped as the city shifted
relentless tremors brought sentences with spin
she thought she was in my head
I knew I was in hers
first world problems
last ditch solutions,pollution threw putrid development
a stint in rehab for the absolute fuck of it

earlier in the timeline:

there was a pool in her eyes
casino lights as the mimosa hugged her lip line
our souls haven't slept in sometime
fires collided with the rudimentary pipes that we hit
lips were roasted as priorities shifted
nights glisten as we piss glitter
she thought she would never dip so far in
I thought it had been a grip since I had lived in reprehensible sin
first world solutions
go for broke efforts,stepping up to the plate and giving in

every end has a beginning


I wish I could be vain
complain about the day to day
make wages be my main focus
& quit day dreaming.
I wish I wasn't so insane
so rare minded and strange
so open and vulnerable
so much so I get mistaken for someone with no heart
or testicles
these festival dwellers are caught up in the nose goes
burned out frontal lobe
coast boast
absolute joke...fear and loathing on a roller coaster of
deviated septum's and half collapsed lungs
strung out spun-ions without a peon of thought
eons Ive fought for visions to be sought like loot
proof that we choose the noose that binds
our minds to
a universe filled with divine truth
my minds tooth is sharpened and bites
at night I ride and fight
under the city lights as my strides become wide
I suddenly feel as alive
as I did as a child.

my rifle is this pen

I am a solider wading the tide,biding my time to fully open my mind
to the paradigm that



a beautiful spectrum,I recollect.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I want to spend all my time with you
is that to much to ask?
I love the way you look at me
I absolutley adore listening to your laugh...
even after all of the crass sentences I drop in high end
relentless,rent less fashion
you put me on blast with the bat of your eyelids.
I maybe brash
but its passion mixed with talent
and an overwhelming sense that I can accomplish any thing
that can be dreamnt.
you are the exclimation point to my long wordy paragraph
a beautiful reminder that I can take deep breaths
my few lines short of an epitaph
i see in geometric patterns
rudimentary shapes
youve claimed stake on this fragile heart
so quietly Ill wait as your life turns
keep summing up evenings and making love to other girls
until that moment when
you can confirm my suspicion...that our love is so deep
its rarely ever mentioned

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


i found something haunting about the halls we wandered down
I also found it disturbing I had nothing but lust for knowledge
& her smile as she looked down...
those delicate soft-words that are so intimate it leaves me snot-nosed
like I was still on hostel cots in Ohio
drinking mimosas and railing
molly cut with white girl.
fall came heavy this week
steady pension got me dippin and dodgeing
"like let ya keys speak"
but these kids got a washed up concept of slang these d's
I got a spanged up vessel on a pirate mission street sweep
witches on brooms sippin cauldrons like it was sleepy time tea
trippin on these kids who only see THINGS
because I see the inner working of SPACE
equal to spending your life chasing divedends
fillers only pour so much in
so many feels I cant hold all of them
fuck it
ill let the night win,as of now I live in reprehensible sin
deplorable conditions
and worst of all
i still find it hard to not live life like folk lore
or modern art
all concepts


a crane landed on my shoulder
she whispered
heart ache is in the eye of the beholder
I lowered my heavy brain...
mostly in hopes the pain would go away
as I watched my lover dig around in my chest cavity.
I would have never at that moment known what she had planned for me
nor will either of us ever fully grasp the gravity;
of the day she never came back to me
no anything...
and she lives down the street


I see her bite marks on my chest every
fore warning or fair warning
it seems
learning is such a deemeaning process
like meditating threw bombing raids.
its been some days,
some ones I really didnt deserve.
some pain Ive endured that ive never even thought
about causing.
but every sunrise is just as beautiful as the last one
and every sunset is filled with laughter and dance
I thought about pausing this runaway train called life
but goonies never say die.
eye for an eye
the universe decides
as for I
im off to separate dimensions
not as so desperate for attention
as I seem to

Monday, September 10, 2012

I wanted to write about life today...Better yet I wanted it to put it in a way that wasn't painful...tie all my words to little weather balloons and let them dangle in the troposphere. In the city of angles there's more then fear to geometric patterns...a taste of the stars lips,a quivering question to a chatter box with none of the answers...only anti matter...such a strain on your bladder. I clammer for facts,batter and ram like I was on the verge of emotional collapse...this very well could have been a catastrophe...but I'm off topic...see the logic to my madness is that i'm a madman for dividends and its a blast for me to spin sentences is one of my many gifts. This is so seems like im only interested in big business and its inner workings...not for any monetary figures...simply because its an entity worth infiltrating in a non traditional scheme...reams of paper,40 blank shirts and a days worth of smoke will get me up and over the cross road//railroad///hell hole,no more is reality,biting the flesh off of the entire front side of me...the guiding force that ive needed...the reason I constantly eat BUT AM SO HUNGRY. I need your lunch money,ill trade you collectibles for it,while smelling like the reminisce of cannibus...and as your brain cease and desists...deceit with my lips as I grimace and my spit is filled with grimy and witty its slimy and gritty...shit...back to the city to do my bidding...taking bid,placing bets on how far Ill retrospect it was shit on how far it is...from a single notion of claw marks across a grey lense...a sawtooth to put it with...she saw sewed up lips with candle sticks behind them...illuminating every thing shed think...oh she was beautiful that way...until her brain decimated...and im partly to introduce death to children they take it as a game...i took it as a sentence...i wanted to never see anyone again...i wanted to bite off my fingerprints and let the blood mix with the water of my bathtub as I laid naked staring at the wall...this was my time to give in...just like it was his...oh justin...but now its years later after this...and the scars on my finger tips are just as visible...and I still have residual visuals of times I can barely recollect..and i still have the pains in the morning that will never let me forget...the reason I can barely put on weight...barely keep food down...oh but its all the same...were just washing the dust our bodys and going at it anxiety tears threw my eyelids and forces smiles but I know what is mine...what I deserve...what I LIKE. that creeping feeling up your spine that lets you know your god,i paid an old asian broad 30 dollars for an oriental massage...she used all her body weight and still couldent settle the grudge...fudge...back like a relapse...ol doc bonnies up to his hash and stash habits...eclectic son of a bitch on a money making seems like my reign is only days away.



whole town mad at me
fuck it
I am glad to be
greasy,gettin skeezy with that steezy-deezy
the whole pounds gravity...rolled up and Im proud to be
chill-en like a villain troped out like it needs to be


komboucha and a blunt hun

align your fuckin mind son!

>It came like scripture
like a whistle from underneath every thistle of this mustache
every morsel of my laugh interacted with the feeling of stoic backlash
...back handed comments ALWAYS accompanied by a wave of hand
Am I accomplishing nothing...simply by standing pat
clear in the rear view is my view on time & intellectual patten
ill snatch that up,rehash it,and never mention the adaptation
closely intertwined with the thoughts in our mind
I find elation in grabbing my surf board and riding the brain waves
creation theorist with a heart of gold,who sold out to be apart of somthing more
a universe which bestows every wish you could on and so forth
self loathing narcissist who dips and dodges court
affordable to do art at cheap costs...or simply for love
feelings bubble up and tumble over

< nightmares to realities dreamers turn to casualties started with a mistress ended with a family whole planet down with me, function as a human being composed of robotic circutry fuck it,I am clammering these damaging, fathomed fantasy facades over 40s (but thats how i like these broads) she looked over and whispered there is no "GOD" I whispered too there is no "Loot" SO WE DO WHAT WE DO'S ?>


faith kind of damaged me


a master of the phantom speech

"she impostures her doctrine as if it some how responsible for sofeting the blow" I looked her deep in the heart and said "NO." This isnt the century for this...better yet our synergy is inept,and quite frankly Im running out of breath...Ive wasted so much on our love that It makes me question my realities truths...but


Im simply getting long in the tooth.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

sad..."well aint that a bitch."

when the words don't come
and we wear the same clothes for days.
when this cigarette is done
I shall be on display
to a life I could have never imagined to be mine
fine wine & cannibus every night
a different bed
with a diffrent smile
to wake up to each sunrise.
this is my love
and its ending one minute at a time.
this is my struggle
ever so divine.
aligned, with
spinal chord full of wisdom
inline with pineal gland as it glistens
pension is the only reason im pensive
making dividends off the words I spin
(ha,good joke)
awoke in a coma to count my blasphomeys
with this media obsessed culture
brand name duopoly facade
a pile of manure so rudimentary and lurid
it causes my happy ass
to not give a
FUCK...simply to be at one with nature
one with my lover
one with the inner workings of things
my mother.
im featured in publications
media relations so far off the beaten stream
it leaves me in danger
of failure to a modern conviction...
my high school buddies/
ex girlfriends thinking.
but to make one souls life less fleeting with one word
means my entire momement on this earth
how ever fast that goes.
even after the sun supernovas
there will be remnince of this love
I touched
and felt
from this species who may have very well doomed it all.
but my god
some of us tried
and that alone makes me smile.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Triangles of the midwest

kill a bottle of ta-kill-ya
lying butt naked sharing our
feelings...would ya..
could I really be this conscience
as silly as it sounds//its ever so modest
like the amount im smoking...OZs of weed
PounDs of hasish
peaceful & miildly sedated
as driven as a race car is
raging lanes like the sentences I spit
throw fits over it and
its been a grip...
and Ive become arrested by maturity.
nossles of prophetic word play rush over me
but no P.D will surmise me
hypothesize a surprising,hungry,confounded cyclone
who needs an I.V
about a year away from being instrumental in an uprising
IV times the man Im striving to be
drum major whom behaves bum fuck
actin dum dum for flavor...I got dirt under these nails,

so I rarely do favors.

shes compiling beautiful speeches
a teacher teeming with glee in the way that she leads
saintly in the way she bleeds/
meek delicate letters aligned and in symmetry
a symphony!
a wolf howl amongst bones and broken down palaces
Id sleep with her at the cemetary every night
if need be
for now I sleep sweet with my calices
underneath an open window draped by a sheer flag meant to burnout the
sunrise on the couch
threw the empty mickeys and jimmy bottles
the reasons we feel like we might
go sober.
smoken cigarettes and smoldering
more approprite for the neighborhood

I find it cute that she dosent know shes my muse.

I keep my heart loaded to enduce truths
the arouma of hardwork is on my clothes
were both loners
whove found each other in this big world
our little hearts
the simple reasons were modest
hard working
positive and lost in thought.
she is what I am,and I love her for that
we are what we both cant be
and were in love because of that.
but love cant always be a fact
theres so many traps along the way
so many days where its to early
or to late.
so many nights where I want to grab her passionatly and scream
lets take it second by second
every day
until were left with nothing but each others smiles
& scents.
she isnt my world...but shes damn near close
and Id give the world to be that damn close.

and I saw you,amongst the geometric patterns
the triangles of the midwest as they filled the sky

Its...just taken me some time to meditate

let YOU love who YOU need too

so I apologize...

...& I am filled with the passion of one million exploding suns


you illuminate my soul in this dark time.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

They kept saying
"Andrew...come home...there's nothing for you out there in that big world.."
then she came
and I did too
then we moved in together and fucked that up too.
after that I got blasted and rapped and scratched the surface for passion
all I found was facebook friends and
fuckin rad.
after that was
cross country madness with sewer kids who have big business mentality's
just cant be on paper to turn these realities into facilities
better yet factions
trashy tribes unaware of the outcome...of being a Hodge podge trashcan junkie
spunky bunky is what my mother would don me
especially as we sipped Schaffleys on the mighty Mississippi
showered by the ease of never letting it all slip away.
pain and how it gets that way... it can lead to golden shores and trust in family
even if its created
thats why I AM THIS WAY
never known LOVE in the right way
the long days churn
a passion burns deep in my heart
its to share my art with each
and every

all alone

"now...who the fuck smokes?"
watching spokes coast/juxtapose
to be come toasts of an "underworld"
I suppose
it takes witty grit/grimey rhyme schemes
slimy tactics that burns deep in your divine being
little hope has broken noses in quests of fame bouts
solid low lives who sold out for dope/soiled mouths
so much fear in their heart it stains clouds
quotes come to mind that could redirect clout
if its worth it,then redefine the reasons to worship
fore score & false gods who drive souped up porsches
give me porches
and pounds of grand daddy purps chopped into onions
Ive been in a zone...known to cause minds to bow
bend space time and ghost into an overture
I can see it for what it is...a fleeting flash in the pan
young-ins catching every road stop from here to Thailand
focused on twilight,when the solar flares scorch the sand
I might
be quite desired in my slides of hand...a dapper man...with cannons snotnosed
fashion blasted with copious stashes tho
that single individuals out for stove runs
pirate missions
keeps a trigger focused on dividends
lest I go on...
a slow that encompasses a full band...every instrument in step with its brethren
every breath directed for one instance
a single mission to kiss the hands of the GOD in all of us

wisdom...instrumental in all outcomes...

big business in this land controlled by big business for the betterment of the man...but fuck men


& especially children

they'll have hell to deal with...thanks to industrialism


and the general consensus

"who gives a shit?"

lets argue and piss over trivial ends to our means...feeding children with modified beef...filling their cereal with glass and explosives


that's all they need to know...the next generation of soliders on a come up

not individuals who chose to take lives,
they just want someone to pay for college.

above & over the great wall of knowledge

is understanding

being positive


& confident.

side B:

San aphrodisiac...shes smiles...yet her intentions are Rorschach.
Fat stash of hash had me stacked to the moon,
cool buffoons aloof..rollin blunts the size of racoons
at the "cocoon" we matched the aroma of mot-ah with our B.O
and our B.T.O kept the wax a bub...we needed to chromotose
splice,dice and add chromosones
possibly even put us in a coma...thats how it goes...
our insides were blossoming,
this was no tomb.
we had become living proff that you can do whatever you want to do
as long as you just do it.
it gets corse...but eventually will flow like fluid
lucidly dreaming,seeming as if this madvillan would win
then spin doom
I deliver reason,feeling each moment bloom
shoot down the run way
the keep it raw like wrestling on monday
fuck spanging,
id rather,hussle,muscle or split divedends for gunplay
wrong WAY
right WAY



I WILL BECOME ONE OF THE GREATS...I wont candy stripe words to make the mental images more bareable

Ill straight up demean,torture and rape...the space inbetween each verb

to zeniths you couldent imagine...lurid & perturbed

I'am elated by each word







I aint got no fuckin friends
only brothers,partners &
some sisters...most of them one night glances
that become stanzas in my next one.
fathom me being a phantom
ghost on either coasts for income
slander my good name in hopes of a better one
mouth comparable to a Gatling gun
fresh to death
zombie club
years spun so I still talk like I'am GOD
dump & run...squak like I parlayed
then went yak on a knuckle ball.
sippin yak while Im steaming blunts
blue dreaming about reason & logic like I was Mr.Spock
spooky,how shocking it is to me to that I keep it 100
% organic,no rough and tumble
I rumble threw city streets,armed with nothing but 40z and stories
mumble glory from the fourth story
wake up on the floor still high from the brownies I ate the night before
Im afraid im getting used to this...more so...I think Im getting pissed
hungry like an rhinoceros in the final days of the apocalypse
I have spit nothing but relentless sentences
in hopes that it ministers to these kids who only worship dividends
my lymbic system is aligned with my pineal gland
and the bumblebees fill the blue skys until the sun is dimmed
and we huddle close as the planet burns.

now on to other worlds