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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

its just like..
its just so god damn easy to lie!
cat scratchen the roof as my headache disables my eyes
I lay there in the dark of my mind.
I smell the fresh honey sickle,and dew of the morning
I feel sun radiateon as the dim of the blinds ceases to cover me
fingers tingling the bed spread
yet my bones are lead
they might as well dump me out with the decapitated chicken dead
let me rot till the end.
i been whiskey dranking,
another pot of coffees in order after the nurse and the orderly leave
i been drinking so much morpheine i can barely hold down my spit
so I ask my kid brother to roll another one up
let the nicotene do its job.
its always faired better than some dope headed doctor.
lofty weight,hold steady
no breaks
the lake runeth dry taday.
somethin to ease the pain

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