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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

eh? botw? kris colinsworth?

So,I've been on the couch for a while now. Fellas,you know what I mean? I've been watching Always Sunny,and Football Night In America,and I'm wondering,what if I murdered Kris Colinsworth...would any one really care? I mean ok,this sounds a little harsh, I know,I mean the guy was a Cinccinatti Bungle,and he was a white wide reciver,jesus I can barely turn sharpley without worrying about tearing my ACL & MCL in half,t. I mean,ok,the whole knee explosion was a bit much,I understand...I just get worked up some times,ive been trying to cut down but with all this noise ive been dealing with lately I mean,the 6 a.m latino gentlemans club that meets upstairs needs to cool it,my broom handles getting warn out from beating my celing. I hate women,god damnit do I ever,they dont make sense. I mean ive heard the whole diffrent planets theory,but thats fucked if you ask me. NO,it would make sense that sex kicks ass,and that football isnt year round.That Kris Colinsworths slimy fucking face can grace my living room,and Mark Followells fluffy red cheeks are tucked away in secracy in The D to the F to the W. Im so lame,Ive been thinking about cheeseburgers for days now. I want to come up with one that will end world hunger...or some shit...or Adam Richman can eat it. Cheap leather chairs is where my foot happens to be,when a large brown recluse starts to spin its web above me,hes my pet,his name is death. So morbid,but so true. The latest entry to this fucked up paragraph,by none other,than yours truly. What a bafoon,he rools his own cigarettes and eats nothing but cheesy tortillas...bow and arrow vs. racoon...jim beam in the early morning until the late afternoon. Bacon infused. I live for the scenery,the fresh grass under my feet;the mask of sanity you see me in..woops confusing my life with Patrick Bateman. I took on a whole small town police,frank. your confusing your life with John Rambos again.

Newer paragraphs feel good.The old ones done,you never have to look at that poop. Its all dribble,every thing you or I write. Its mostly about drugs or the performing arts..lets write about labodamys! kids screwing doughnuts in the street. Waking up to your lady cumming on your feet. Anything to take the edge off. To swing the sword onto the chopping block.

fuck this

ok so band of the week:




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