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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


At times i miss her,so unbearable it hurts.
i feel like a fledgling duck,trying to find his way out of the shell
but to no avail.
Ive failed in love,like I have in life.
nothing to show but a few scribbled poems and music i made a while ago
no more friends,she was the last one.
her name speaks volume to my torn down soul
so unimaginably intoxicated by each others presence
then a year later,its gone with little to no explination
from either of us.
its not right? you know? if you love somthing let it go...i guess
i see my future as an angry sad old man
no wives
no children
no laughter
working until i have everything,with out a single thing of worth
alone on a rooftop downing gin and inhaling my marlboro
ill pray our sun supernovas

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely, what can I say.

    There's better stuff to inhale than Marlboro, tho. Tobacco grows good in marl clay soil! What do you know. It grows even better in uranium-bearing gypsum wastes from the pitchblende mines....

    ...whereas the other favours pony poo, a much healthier alternative.

    Thanks for the poem -