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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Many Moons I Shall Visit.

The space age!
our database is filled with caves and mazes,
employess who are really sourcers and mages.
blazed up
for days later,
we found kids who
spent their days in utter hate and gloom!
MF's who seem hellbent to reset our counter culture moves.
the whole chessboards been doomed...
pawns for themselves
it appears,
the elite have formed their own platoon.
and its so clear..
Severed heads,television and radiowaves destroyed the ways we use to think
and now were loosing faith at breakneck speed.
debating,still,over THC and pornography...
it seems weve reached a standstill,or all had labodamys.
poor young girls falling in love with gold and
of never having anything to show or wear.
Disturbed song birds living in the world theyve been shown,never creating THE NEW
while being trambled on by the old.
Mothers and fathers.
sons and daughters.
aunts and uncles all fucking to keep the money in the gene pool...
Young republicans & democrats
fighting in the street,
never realizing each are
human beings.
until their bones break,and seep.
bringing on the creeping of
a demonstrative,crippling defeat
of americanisim in the twentyzzz'z.
its revealed that the white house is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.
a totaliterian regim,with the means to take you out in your sleep,
to defile you in the public chalk it up as another suicide.
Martain Luther King had a dream,and we are right there
I wonder what he saw when he had nightmares?
a never ending war?
the mask of imperialisim sitting at the top of the house procceedings and at the joint cheif of staff meetings...
Its easy to forget history...
to be witless and uneducated.
to never read,
or listen
to common missconceptions,
cultrual egnitions
or those with no one left to talk too.
Rome has fallen,
and at another time GOD was Zeus,
and months before that
western civilization was new
& booming,
as every great time period should.
Where there is a first spark of revolution,
evolution of mind increases tenfold.
I have a gorilla on my back,and his name is the renissance.

1 comment:

  1. and yet all we're here to do
    is to build the machines
    that the concept of Zeus
    was but an early dream of: bootstrapping reality,
    building souls from technicalities
    putting wheels on the maelstrom and climbing up the world-tree
    to watch the stars like fireflies

    thanks for the poem, man -