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Friday, November 5, 2010

Totally BUNKED on the BOTW

I havent had a GOOD cheeseburger since the first cheeseburger of the month post,so if your wondering...suck it!

Well fuck,its friday. Im shitting like a horse and havent had a decent idea in about 5 years. Strange too as five years ago this very minute was the last time I listened to this band. Stranger even more that none of my contemperarys know about them or the beautiful music they created..for about two years. Oh flash back kids,eight grade...acne and wanting to fuck anything with tits. My man paul tried to get girls by throwing money under their chairs in class,now the only way I see some friends get ass is by whipping out their wallet. Jesus,how times change. Morality goes out the window when your spend a couple years drunk then...well...this is all a lead way,i guess...into KUT U UP. look em up on you tube...or better yet buy riding in vans with boys...if you like green day and blink,its "their" DVD,but K.U.P (haha) is where the fuck its at..fuck spelling

1 comment:

  1. Mmm...cheeseburgers. Sigh.

    Enjoying so far, William. But your damn background makes me hungry.