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Sunday, November 7, 2010


I never loved anyone from what Ive been told.
I have these beautiful features but no soul
the son of a preacher should be playing with his deck full
but I take mind vacations by the bottle load.
Im rattled and infuriated
a place where no man should be.
contemplating homocide on the next person I see
ploting to make billions of dollars so I can burn it on live tv
and while every one is crying and making a scene
I will return to my cabain in the foothills of the smokeys
and sharpen my ol hatchet with these teeth.
fuck sleep,bring on the dreams
cover these children with broken glass and reveal to the masses your sado macicisim tendancies
then never speak to me again
never think of me again
and for that matter,pucker your lips and kiss the bear trap,honey.
your assanine thoughts can never be verbalised as you would like them to
I wish I was a normal man,oh in the monrings I beg.
I wish I was a nicer man,in the night I pray.
but during the day time,I am who they said I am
therefore I shall never love again.

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