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Monday, November 22, 2010


brains spray all over the pavement.
screams from the fire escape
I dash away
alley ways,water ways,malls,and churches
down on east colfax with a fist full of merchandise
waiting for the putrid youth to spend their parents loot
still understanding im the main supplier on the route
i ask my number two to take a few competetors to the streets
and execute them for all the rats to see.
its like the open sea
just as pirates envited modern democracy
I too,shall chime in the dawning of a new revolution
funded by capitalisim and greed
hatchets and ar-15's
crack cocaine and poppy derivitives
that turn your insides into shivering liquid
no bone mass or a sense of being clean
just the feel of the cement as you sleep
coldly kissing your cheek.
I return to my several million dollar home
tuck the kids in,do some more work before leno
smoke a cigar on the balchony that over looks hog back pass
laugh as I rember ponchas pilot whiping his hands clean
the holy roman empire has nothing on we
uncle sams royal fraternity.

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