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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


In the moment,I am content.
watching the snow fall on these distant man made steeples
turning my head to the tree blanketed peaks
smoking the last rolled cigarette before 2:33
I wallow in hopes and dreams.
It seems the only thing I can think about these days is austin
my homeland.
the only real reason i dont have a tame mouth.
this texas blood courses threw me like battery acid
burning a hole threw my skin to show the muscle undertone.
though not strong,its not weak.
it speaks volumes to the ways I operate.
jumping from one puddle to another
without any desires nor worries.
lake travis needs me,
i need her
I fall asleep in zilker park to some spoken word
awake to the sounds of gun shoots and guitars
some body pours a glass of whiskey
"here" the old man grumbles "drink every last drop."
the bon fire combating with this nintey degree night
makes me light headed as I fight
urges to stay
urges to go
I open my eyes,and colorado is some how home
but I remain weird
and as drunk as the night before.
riding bikes threw campus on way to many pharmecudical drugs.
did i imagine this time?
will I always love her?

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