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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To bite the ear off the literary brain

Old dinosaur bones.

Hlf bottle of rum, please,.
Chummy bottle of stew>


(*The person reading flinches and pursues*)

Strung out from a night of lolly gagging
Shrugging at the pastor


Held up in a saloon by a large breasted whore by the name of lupus

Which is nothing to joke about

Babbles on for years on a death bed
Twisting my pubic hairs and calling me truth
By the loose look in my eye I could relive that moment where I

Again, it was nothing short of a mircale, that within ear shot,
God could hear me
He said nothing of any writing, or homework due at the end of the semester
And thank god, I mean western civilization is soooooo boring.
Buzz saw jaws.
My tongue just scored,
It tastes like tuna and was asked to cuddle afterwards.

What a horrid day

I want to see/slash/smoke the northern lights
But all I’ve found was cold and lonely nights
As bright as they are dark,
In other words a farce!

Silver surfer was my favorite comic hero.
He destroyed worlds until he reached earth
Much in the same way I plan to do
But I play the tape of my doom
So the hippos in the forest will swoon
I use the skull as some sort of toilet.

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