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Monday, November 1, 2010

five minute stranger

Ive got those dean morailty sweats...veins pumping battery acid from my head to my chest
im in love with the general term: women.
and not just one,but so many. I feel like a dirty old man at moments,so I hold my breathe until i pass out,wake up off of the couch on the ground with text messages flooding my cellular telephone.
even at home I cant escape the want,or knowing that I can devistate & destroy worlds.
I pick up the phone,its one of the girls boyfriends,he warns me to not come near her again.
"take her keys" i say with an emoticon grin.
the ones back home are waiting on my return. anxious and unnerved
the one down the road is worried Ill never write her another love note.
Im worried Ill overdose before I get as much pussy as I could..
I turn on the shower,light a cigarette and write words all over the fogged mirror.
phrases I hold dear,things I want to say but dissappear into the world it came from
my eyes staring directly into my soul...into the mirror...the pipes blow hot air & water
my forehead is soaked,im dripping sweat onto the rug I beat out for dust hours ago
and all i can hear are three words,by three women who know me the most
or assume they do.
ive got this neal cassidy mindset.
meet me in mexico.

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