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Monday, November 29, 2010

thus love

she has my eyes in her blouse
my mouth on prehistoric shut down
shes stunning in any gown
formal wear
I miss the nights of her dug into my ribs while I played with her hair.
freshman year,
so much oxycontin,so little care.
I was the counter culture Rush Limbaugh,with long beautiful hair.
She a posh libertarian without a care.
economics class held not a candle to her stare
I barely passed,but I feel in love
with her smile and being numb,
same with her...we became vessels for the drugs.
If I could reset this game,
id wrap her in a rug and kidnap my love so the world would never see us again.
and we could spend days in traditonal sin
sending letters to our best friends
to let them know were alive
and missing them.


  1. i think mighty Kleopatra once did the rug elope trick, with Antony the many-sexed. Thanks for the poem!