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Monday, November 15, 2010


Being the first & last of the electronical/manual age,I strive to understand what my peers are thinking;though I realize,nothing. Perscription drugs will be the end of me. Rap music is the end of us,but not because of the good artists,no the underground cats got it,its those street level corporate thugs who really get under my skin. What Is music now? Where is life…how do I take three hits of acid and rearrange my life over night? Manage to wrap your head around the good parts of drugs,if you can,the healing that can take process,the confidence that can be gained,the pain that can be hidden until your screaming stops in sleep,these things happen;as does death. My heart beats,but in a different rhythm then before,a war drum,as my eyes open to splats of sunrise. I awake in one of the most progressive citys in the country,yet I cant help but think how sickning it is that people have all these dreams and aspirations,when its misguided and,essentially, a cash cow,and then the people whos heart is in it cant do shit. Is it apathy, Or the unwillingness to break necks to get ahead. Sometimes friend,I feel like a prophet,other times I wake up in a toilet with an empty bottle of whiskey and a yellow substance dripping from my nose ( Qualude ( Vicodin) 25 mg) now this isn’t an attractive position in any sense,but ive got that creepy smile stretching across my face,the sound and heat of the shower cool down my shivering body,these are the nights where we become pain. No great wars,only unjust ones. No classic writers but palinuck. No good musical artists,in the sense that we evolve with them,its only fads and boy bands. A one world government all controlled by a few white men (including the morgans & rocafellars) and here I am on my bathroom floor,half dead from all the pills in my skull,and im the enemy. The deginirate who cried for help until his eyes went dry and then realized he had a drug problem and smiled,as he threw up again in the ceramic rim.
On drugs,you forget to eat;not that it’s a bad thing,ladies. I had so many teachers who were helpless to the texas drug culture,or just didn’t fully grasp it. Xanyx bars and Loraltabs flowed as rivers threw my bloodstream and halls as we took shots of tequila in aquatic science,right before we smoked a bowl out in the parking area;they tried,but we were to smooth. I use to walk threw the halls and hear it all,I saw a kid throw up off methadone,the fucker was green,we all knew it was coming. Opiates are fucking gnarley,heroin is a trip,I exploded on my friend for doing it,a year before I did,and black tar at this,but like it mattered I had done the prescriptions that help you come off of it,and had withdrawls from those,so I knew I had to have a limit and walk home,threw the florescent hallroom of this musem of weirdos, cheers from the mountains,im glad its not home. Same problems,different ones. I just broke up with my girlfriend because we were both fucked up,she was more of a recovering drunk;it’s a culture of enablers,so do drugs. Underpopulate the planet,fuck for no reason at all,smoke weed on your porch,quit paying your taxes and grow up,were being royaly fucked. Now I hate to admit that ive smoked a few cigarettes in my life,I use to roll my own or smoke cigars,but now im running low on funds,and the realizations are coming true. Since the mid 80’s phillip morris has owned the rights to names of strands and slang terms for marijuana and devices used to smoke,which brings up the question why isn’t it legal? Well once it was realized that weed is more potenent effective and safer for the generally retared population,the percentages of drinkers and cigarette smokers will dramatically fall,maybe almost to extinction. The owner of anhiseur busch? Johnny mccains wife, the ex presidential canidate. Now these things could mean nothing or the pure fact that im on trazadone could have an effect,but im not sure,I think its time for investigations:

Being legit for a second :

The illegality of drugs, or the legalization of the aforementioned is not the reason our nation needs to be up in arms; but it’s a systematic abuse of our own citizens. Since the beginning of societies, people have used what they could find on earth to help them in their everyday lives. Some of these plants were seen as either gift from the earth or from Gods to enrich their lives. The Native Americans used peyote in the ritual of bringing a boy to man hood, and cannabis for medicinal purposes. The ancient Babylonians and Egyptians had their poppy flowers, from which our modern day pharmaceutical opiates, and illegal street drugs derive. In a way drugs have helped shape our societies through medicinal and creative standpoints, and shown the grim realities of the small percentage who become dependent. Without these pharmaceuticals the amount of pain we would have to endur, for now simple procedures, would be immense and would be so overwhelming the pain could kill, and without the illegal side effects modern literature and music could be vastly affected, a retardation if you will. Imagine if Sir.Aruthur Conan Doyle had been sober during his publishing for Sherlock Holmes, the character would undoubtedly be watered down and not have as many dark characteristics, if Sir Doyle had never “rode the dragon.” What if Jim Hendrix had never died, and instead of being revered as one of the best guitarists of all time, he was merely a flash in the pan, what would our music sound like, what would our culture be? Drugs have shaped so many minds; ether for the good or the bad, the change is there. Don’t let the reagens tell you drugs are addictive either, there are certain aspects of every human that react differently to a substance, ether that be fast food, coffee, cigarettes or crystal meth, it’s a person by person case. In a study done in 1992, 37 % of Americans admitted to using a scheduled drug (there are 5 schedules ranging from the mild psychoactive stimulant of the Amazon, the yage tree to heroin and PCP), 6.3 % admitted to it in the last month (Zuckerman, National institute on drug abuse research, 1998: us Department of Health and Human Services, September 21st, 2009). This is a staggering fact when you consider all these people had participated in these drugs, and didn’t turn to a life of violence and crime, or a struggle with addiction. A study done in 1998, by David E. Zuckerman and by the U.S. department of health and services, claims that a drug centered vision originates from certain experiences with particular individuals. This can affect the response in a pathological way, associating a friendship, for example, with the feeling of the drug. The comroderey and sensation seeking is nothing out of the normal realm for humans. Any actions can create addictions, which in turn disrupt the normal flow of the human psyche. If you feel the need to drink coffee every day, you put your self in a mind set that you cannot do anything until you get that first cup. This shows an addictive response to any substance that enhances any of your senses. This classifies drug addiction as a toxic disease, not a crime and comparable to a non-chemical thrill addiction such as skydiving.
The first real drug law in America came in the early 1900’s(A law was passed in the most southern part of Texas, making the use of cannabis illegal.) In reality, this was a way to control the migrant Mexican farm workers, claiming that the plant caused violent tendencies and such a sexual deviancy, that the urge couldn’t be ignored. One Harry J. Anslinger, the godfather of the modern day drug policies, claimed the same effects. In the mid 1920’s he pressed scare tactics on the American public, through television and newspapers and film. He told horror stories of hallucinations and murder, all because of this simple plant. Though weed was a punishable crime, other drugs were still used in medicines and given without prescriptions to any person who needed it, leading to extreme abuse of Heroin and morphine among vagrants, young mothers and even prominent figures of the time. Over the years more and more drugs were developed by pharmaceutical companies and scientists, including Albert Hoffman’s 1940 discovery of LSD and an early sixties lab team developed MdMA (the main component of ecstasy) which were both tested by our government in the mid sixties to see if there were any mind controlling additives or way to use in debriefing captured spies, these were shown to have no effects like that, and the tests were disbanded. And the real problem began for out government when Ken Kasey and his band of merry pranksters hit the road from the haight-ashbury district of san Francisco in 1963 to spread LSD over the united states, and timothy Leary addressed young people and encouraged them to “turn on, tune in, and drop out.” Creating a cultural phenomenon known as the hippy revolution, which off put by the death of a young president who was pioneer on all fronts, and his successor, who had sent most of their kin & friends to die for a cause that is still unclear, changed the world for a few years, with peace and love.
Though Richard Nixon didn’t pioneer the drug laws, he put his stamp on it, and laid the basis for the pillars of today’s laws. Seeing the counter cultures effect on America, accompanied with the civil rights and feminist movements, an answer had to be created, and an enemy needs to be created to turn the public eye. So to divert Americas attention from the charade of veitnam, and to cool down the tension from all genders and races riots and protests, Nixon decided to scare the country into believing that, drugs were the roots of all these problems. Though in early January of 1971,Nixon had signed an act comparing drug abuse to a sickness, and that it should be treated as a mental illness. In June of that very year he vowed to wage an all out offensive on drugs, to which he admits that it has been a longstanding problem, but the time is right to attack (The Speechs: President Nixon’s second term, U.S..publishing press, 1975.September 15th, 2009). To support this war, he gave an address to the public, which struck fear into the heart of god-fearing America. “Narcotics users do not ordinarily hold jobs. Instead they often turn to mugging and armed robbery…if we cannot destroy the drug menace, it will destroy us.” With the country now afraid of drug crazed lunatics, the laws became easier to manipulate and the establishment began importing, selling and enforcing the laws against the drugs. Heroin was imported from Vietnam were smuggled in with the dead bodies of American soldiers to bases all over the United States. Though at first this was simply done by some renegades in the armed forces, once intercepted and the realization of the amount of money these people were bringing in, the government cooked up a fake war on drugs to cover up their own importation. The figureheads in Washington since have carried on the tradition.
In 1982 Ronald Reagan’s administration sold weapons to militant Iranian guerillas in exchange for the release of prisoners in Nicaragua. "Officials from (DEA), Customs Service, (FBI) and Costa Rica's Public Security Ministry, as well as rebels and Americans who work with them." Five American Contra supporters who worked with the rebels confirmed the charges, noting that "two Cuban-Americans used armed rebel troops to guard cocaine at clandestine airfields in northern Costa Rica; in essence our government turned a blind eye to huge amounts of the cocaine plant being imported to our shores. With this they started selling to the inner cities gang lords on the western seaboard. Government officials even helped show the gangs how to cook and process the cocaine to make it more abundant, and more addictive. Through this a substance called crack cocaine was born. (James McCullough, Http//www. Central Intelligence, hyper link “Iranian contra affair.” April 14th 2007. September 26,2009) During our governments time in Vietnam heroin was the most available street drug in America, and when we pulled out and in the mid seventies and began sticking our nose in South American politic, not for all nessiciarily bad reasons, the availability of cocaine increased by leaps and bounds. This trend is relevance because since the invasion of Afghanistan began in 2002 the amount of heroin being “smuggled” into the country has been steadily increasing, leading one to believe our government is after the main cash crop of the country, the poppy. In a sit down conversation with a narcotics officer in the 6th division of the Littleton P.D., narcotics unit, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, who for even these purposes, asked to be referred to as “Shawn” conveyed to me that: “ Every week three of our nations army carriers bring in 23 kilos of heroin per ship. One kilo is for the officials and those who are involved to use or sell for their own personal use, while the other 22 are “confiscated” by out government.” So with the main supplier being the main enforcer, the monopoly ensues. So the government sells to a main, untouchable dealer, who then dives up his supplies and spreads them equally to his dealers, who sell to the masses. Some of the smaller dealers will get busted for a felony, putting them away with high bonds, and in federal prisons. Most of the users will be picked off of the streets and thrown into an overcrowded state prison in which they will be forced to make license plates, clean trash or direct your calls, all while still having to pay fines. The smaller dealers will eventually get out, but with a felony on your record its damn near impossible to get a job, so they turn back to the life of selling narcotics. The addicts who are truly sick and need rehabilitation for their substance addiction are trusted back onto the streets with no therapy or treatment besides going cold turkey for however long they were in there. Though they possibly have good intentions when they get out, most junkies return to their former ways, which gets them rearrested to serve more time in a slave camp. The only benefactors is the government whose getting cheap work done for the state, and keeping the real consumers as they want them, addicted.

The simple way to combat all this would be to take a page from the Netherlands and legalize most and decriminalize everything, cut down on prisons; and open up free clinics for addicts who are in it in a bad way. With the complete cultural disconnect from us and our leaders there’s a very slim chance we’ll get anything done; the lobbyists of Phillip Morris and Anehuser bush, have together 36 members of congress under their donation roll (in 07-09 annehuser Busch and Phillip Morris gave over 8 million dollars to the government to keep their businesses in a stranglehold (Sheila Krumholz,”anheiserbusch/phillip mooris ‘open”, July 8th, 2008.web. Nov. 13th, 2009). These two companies create the two most addictive substances that are legal in the United States today. 29% of Americans in the United States admit to smoking cigarettes everyday, which is 11% less than the amount of all Americans who have actually tried drugs (Zuckerman, 62,Vital & health statistics, smoking other use of tobacco, U.S. department of health and human services, April 1993. September 15th, 2009). Smokers are less likely to eat and the most probable people to get cancer (Vital & health statistics, 2). (Vital & health statistics, smoking other use of tobacco, 2002,U.S. department of health and human services), which makes are society weaker as a whole. Where as medicinal marijuana has peen prescribed in the treatment of chemotherapy and has helped patients going threw radiation actually regain their appetite. Alcohols main ingredients, hopps, are actually derived from the same genius species of plants that cannabis (Leonard P. Perry, Hopps, wikipedia page, university of Vermont extension system study, 2008.sept. 28th 2009) is; and weed has no tar or nicotine, which is generally where the addictive nature comes in for cigarettes, and there fore makes it a less profitable commodity.
To make a complete case for drugs, the realization and dangers must be assessed. As previously stated, anything can have an addictive nature. Though cannabis is a safer choice to cigarettes and alchohaul, it can make one dependant on the feeling, depressed when unobtainable, lazy and comfortable in any situation. Lsd has only proven side effects on extreme usage. The way the chemical works is it seeps into your spinal column creating a clot which travels up to your primitive brain where it bursts and creates the psychoactive qualities. Too much of this can permanently damage your brain; cause you to hallucinate even off of the drug. Psychopsyliciban (mushrooms), at its root, is poison to the human body and reacts similar to food poisoning. Making it less dangerous of a drug, but rather uncomfortable all in all. Along with these few examples of side effects are the ramifications socially and economically, of drug abuse. The alienation of friends, family; the relationships built solely on drugs, which is never healthy. Drugs change you forever, your perception, your thoughs, feelings, everything, and that’s not necessarily good. Horror stories of people on lsd committing homicides, getting high and in a fatal accedent, feinds robbing houses for crack cocaine and heroin. These are real and these are side effects of a drug culture, but the whole fact is that without drugs these things happen, it’s just easier to put blame on something so demonstrative by society.
If drugs were kept illegal a and the main lobbyists for these companies keep shoveling in money, then why would the government ever stop this? It is human nature for someone to want to bend the rules, and with the legalization of drugs, the thrill component is completely lost if you can buy it at wal-greens. So you keep the cycle of hard working lower income dealers and addicts revolving threw the system; vices are replaced with legal substances until the court order is threw, and then it’s a ticking clock until the next time your caught. This is the structure of one of the most ingenious and quiet ways to completely control a society with no one knowing, and it works. It works so well that blue collar families still all out support the war on drugs even if their not to sure how drugs effect everyone, even if the re are medicinal uses, they’ve been ingrained with so many heartbreaking stories of drug abuse and tension that they shut down when its mentioned.

This is why I refer to this loveable bunch,known as Americans,as general retards. Their choice was not to be,but with the 38th ranked education in the world,in the most industrialized,where the news is on 24 hours a day and talks more about Jennifer Anniston then blowing up the levees in 2006 when Katrina hit New Orleans,or Geraldo riveras on assignement in haitit making a ruckus that there calling off the search survivoirs after a natural disater of a decimated island,already so poor, that once the initial shock of what happened sets in the looting to survive starts,survival of the fitteset,cliché/truth. This is what happens everywhere,except the middle east,bless their hearts their used to it. Its sickening that yes the killing of many profiteers the greed of a few,but that so many buy into it. They vote,take sides,argue. Drive threw Kansas,the only thing youll see is anti abortion & bob dole signs;and that’s the painted picture to the whole mid west. Texas is so far advanced but so back assward they blow smoke up their own ass.

Now this isn’t a cry for help,this whole drugumentry threw words,this a gorilla that’s been on my back and its name is the renissance. Fuck what you think,its all wrong. Fuck what I think,im right there with you,but the facts are here,I simply am a vessel, ha your modern day jesus without the whole dad being god thing,though my father was a catholic preist,dwell on things.

REDUNDENCE,things are cliché these days,but that’s because a lot of things have been made,true renissance is the bend on common things. Structures larger than ever before,words constructed in manners so that people confuse simple verbs, re look and realize its reality,the things we do are earthshaking,think. My beautiful girlfriend paints fear in such a manner ive never seen,but its all apart of this new scene,but fuck scenes because they have no sense, their all fads,results of snapped necks;but I have a brain stem and its connected to a multi proccesser that would shut off your central proccessing system. I pushed her away,but not without thinking,its because I loved her more than anything. From a child I studied the words of mr spock,but it wasn’t till I was high that I truly heard them;logic,the keyword. Thinking in this lifestyle,being selfless and having thoughts creates energy between hearts; and this is all I preach,so simple,yet so unique; logic. But most people are greedy,padiwans,so we must confuse them.use the system against the man. Controlled anarchy,bells of project mayhem,shiiiiittttt.. if nessicary we could build up a curriculum,movies books simple things,words creates stimuli. Song birds bring me awake. The sun peaking threw the blind,the Denver skyline behind,why the hell am I alive,all the percasets and shots last night,but yet I strive,words pour threw fingertips arms shake and ramble,I privately stammer to my friend mel that im losing it,help me(!).


  1. ...too much to address...besides, I'm into the hops myself here and I never write well after -

    LSD - official sources....yeah, we were young and blind - but not that blind, interesting vehicles boys!

    Thanks as always William - your work somehow energizes me -

  2. Haha thank you PG,your comments keep the words flowing!