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Monday, November 29, 2010

live long or die if its a gift to you.years of solitude and non degradable food.
meditate.dissapate,and accept the bull whip.striking vocabulary as you twirl words of wisdom infused bullshit.
Either way.
you speak...Its unnerving to listen to you as you sleep..
talks of genocide
dissembowlements done for cheap..
next to nothing even..sheesh
thats one of the reasons this desert eagles my bf4e. why I rest during the day,
and hunt threw twilight
...why I breathe smoke,choke and fight the naysayers who are always right,because were always wrong,
especially I.
watch me,
slowly drawing my portrait in chalk outlines.
underneath the powerlines
telephone lines
littered with ravens and crows,the devils deciples we've been told.
I drudge threw this solitary world,in search of hope
old and new,
young and ancient
the scriptures are encasing the pavement of this so called home and its stagnent
with fear
and loathing.
mindless hoarding,and the fattening of the pigs for a mass consumption party.
Wether it be the lions or the earth feasting.
I wish it would rapture already,
leave all us good sinners a world to have without biblical refrences and twitters or facebooks
no telephones,mcdonalds or horesetracks to boot.
no c-sections.
natural selections,
and groups to morn the passing of youth
to celebrate the ederlys pursit of fullfilment
and laugh as we skip through wooded areas to a gold coast full of
& friends.
to begin again without modern restrictions.
in lamen terms
death to the pigs!

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