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Friday, November 5, 2010


I feel as though I need to write this:

Hello,classy world..I am the Lush known as,William S. Bonnie. For years we have had nothing but drugs and sociopaths carefully craft the world we inhabit. I spend time with my peers,listening to how they wish they were born in the fourties,if only to be around in the days of haight & ashbury. I sip my fine canadian whiskey at eleven in the morning and wonder,where did we go wrong? How could you want to inhabit a time line thats already been laid out,or better yet,why would you? I understand respecting a previous generation for bestowing knowledgde and changing times...but what will the children of our children do? Lost in a heroless decade it seems we've been; Churning threw the muck and improvement of sin,while blurring the line between hero and villian all in attempts of improving your status amongst mere motal men. We need change..not imperalistic hand offs to predacessors,or large government spending. We need co-ops and friendship. Art collectives and all night musical jams. We need love,hatred and improvement. If I were to write a book about my life,then wouldent I just fall victim to narcicissim? Though if I were to scribble down the life of a collection of not only artists,but friends...then wouldent that be somthing for futrue generations to sink their teeth in? Creating movement out of nothing to change how we've been living. Its incredible how fast us humans forget,forgive,fuck and throwdon. Change is only real when theres blood on the ground...but not from an enemy..oh no,your own mouth. Im Sick Of Em',these literary journals with publishers who are so self serving they forget about literature. These politicians who would snap the necks of their own children to get a few more dollars and cents. These "celebrities" who are as lush as I am,with more money and even more $td'$. These million dollar athletes who beileive their reincarnates of some holy entity and to these latch on wanna be's who still dress like its the sixties...oh I'd tourch you all if it was up to me,but my faith in human kind has made me so weak. The impact of an assasination can hold true for generations,but the actual act of a movement,it gives hope that theirs still some good in the collective unconcience. As a of a few years ago I was heart set on a political goal,asspirations of seante or house,maybe even having my office in an oval. I've grown up,and realized that real men and women dont need traditonal power to shape and mold the things that theyve watched be washed over (our civil liberites,the teachings of art and music in schools) they just need a set of razor sharp teeth and an ability to keep pushing on,even if the auroma of their comrads deaths hang heavy in the air. Will you join me brothers and sisters in TRUE change? No seperation of people by religon,sex,gender or race? For,I fear if we do not do anything soon..then their will not be a world to love and give back to. Wasn't every revolutionary a criminal at some point in time?

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