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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Im astonished at all the white people who use the N word like a term of enderement and friendship,its amazing what a few centurys can do.ANYWHO,how you guys doin? Im doing is around the bend,and shit,who dosent love consumerisum? Really I mean I love filling stocking with losing lotto tickets from the year know a sort of reflection thing.IN my younger days I just filled 'em with old cigarette butts and what not...but not anymore,oh no,Ive wised up. You know whats intresting? living off quarters. No,really,I mean like seriously living of quarters...eating dollar cheeseburgers and tortillas for breakfast,lunch and dinner...jesus I love december! It hasent snowed once in Denver,not really once this year...its errie really,I feel like I brought TEJAS up here,which I mean is really for the good of the people. Red robin sounds amazing...patty melt grilled cheese,grilled onions and bacon...

anyway,The Chinese Stars are my BOTW

PS I saw a turkey fall off a roof today...amazing. 18 pounds of skined and defeathered raw flesh plummiting to a juicy god it was incredible! It made me so hungry,as evidence by the previous paragraph.

I miss drivers ed.

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  1. I completely missed driver's ed - here I am staring four decades in their skaggedy teeth and I still don't even have a license. Ever notice how all the cheeseboogler superdeals appear when the cold starts to snap? McSocial Services, unack-knowledked and unredegarded. Unredguarded. Um. Anyway - the Romans seem to have done the same - when times are shit, subsidize the hell out of that daily bread, an it break the Exchequer into little tranches of pooey debt.

    Now - could you have saved that turkey? If you were really hungry, you would have thrown yourself under it, hoping to escape with the bruised goods.

    Who throws a turkey off the roof these days? Scrooge started the fad, I think (a drunken haze imagines Alastair Sims doing just that, but it's wrong0.

    ^&(^$((*y Left Shift Key Brokken! Works when you really lean on it, though.

    Thanks for another thought provoking post -