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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the wind cries...

I slum threw the shadows of retail
resale your old heart back to you
rest in peice
burn in flames
we came to change ways and labor pains
to new jolts of the brain
the same way we used to use our hearts to melt
the strange that came around for days
if only to see her speak.
those lips so red and tender
her curly brown hair on her slender cheek bones
a classical beauty...a definition of sorts.
her wardrobe was crafted,down to every thread
as elegant and as luxurious as you could imagine.
I met her in eleventh grade,i fell in love shortly after.
we shared bottles of cheap whiskey with our friends who became family
laughing into the moon light
and vomiting into the kitchen sink
we blew smoke rings threw each others teeth
for breif periods of time we outlined a future
now were seperated by distance and winter
all over the eastern seaboard
and in my sleepy mountain town.
thirty inches it rained down over the past hour
as the snow coats the beautiful sounds.

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  1. good stuff. reading your words is like being in the passenger seat of your mind. it's a pleasure.