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Monday, November 29, 2010


I have this addiction,it inhibits free thought process.
one track mindid and absent to all logic.
rauncy late night attacks,that leave me crippled clutching my thorax
hyper ventilating into a paper bag until I collapse.
You may ask yourself,
"does this boy need help?","is there anything I can do?"
"how has he been trapped in this hell of nightly pains and solitude?is there a clinic he can be taken to?"
meanwhile,at the emergency room
The doctor walks in to talk to my parents,
who subsequently shoo me out of the room,
he asks a nurse to assist me to an empty waiting booth
with magazines and a boob tube.
They emerge,and Ill never forget
that upset look in my mothers heart,
the dissapointment hanging on my fathers upside down smile.
Im shaking and feel a relapse cultivating
I jet out to the street as they,and the DR. are approaching.
Sprinting,and cutting threw the intersection
wild eyed and running on empty.
I get struck in a hit and run,
clutching my broken arm as I tumble down the road
barely visualizeing the sign as I stumble into a restraunt
I sit down at smashburger and the waitress comes up
"oh honey,are you ok?! do we need to call an ambulance? do you need anything?"
I raise my head in a cocked position
"Ill take your largest cheeseburger,with everything!"
everyone has an addiction.

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  1. mmmmmm lucky to live near tasty burgys....I have none, mail me some