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Friday, July 1, 2011


I dealt with it
the miles,the mindless sales pitch and the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome
its best not to appear to forward
scores of thoughts press on like riots,piloting
in otherwords tripping the void.
moist morning mixers where childhood dreams scream like robotic eagles
as we
tear down the machine from the it right
these were all good intentions once,
ghost ship glows along the it gone
we open our heads to the sounds of revelations,jubilation,tribulation,spineless
tasteless,romantic symphonys
in otherwords a sensory orgy
glory as told by those who saw it.
brushing it off from those who dont
My claws are in this vicious adaptation of cleanlieness
im covered in a checkered past
I can barely remember the past several concussions
these bridges wrap me up and beg me to stay here
its been a long time since last year

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  1. New Beast in a checkered blanket...excellent. Thanks for it, sir.