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Friday, July 8, 2011


who am I said the cinderblock
with the flock came revelry
the bar was dark so I smiled silently
there were jokes and shared shots of gin and trivia
we sparred as intellectual confidonts over coos & quagmires
aspiring to be quite the little rembrands our rennisance was a closet obsession
for spectacles of an otherwise worthless truth
how humble are you
were we before the morning
the night lights as frightning as wild beast
mere mortals were we
hugging and shouting to the sleeping
songs until morning
until tomorrow evening!
draped in the comfort of company
the souls run to me it seems,especially on evenings like these
we clean our hearts in the hopes of the composed beautiful finale to this glow
or the continuing perpetuation of the smiles and the laughter that ive shared with my chumps
alas lass,poor is another glass
lets tip back to the air and the sea!

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