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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


these eyes display in black and white
threw the night I hear & see sights not fit for normal minds
minus a few knives I used to carry around,
I'am the same old hell raiser I was back in my hometown.
I still can operate a double barrel pump,or semi automatic single action bolt
shot after shot Im still bi pedial and congigating verbs
regal for lack of a more beautiful term,
Iam safe threw these inner storms
formed out of an overwhelming sense to observe
pouring coffee for the world at my doorstep...asking to hear stories
dying slowly and surley
its perfect to know theres an ending
some resolution to all the touring
that I still act like its the fourites,and court the women who drive me sane
crazy how it works that way
surely in the machinery of almighty nature theres a warning in paitence
and more so on haste
life is a feast,taste everything at the table

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