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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I removed a tooth with blunt force on the way to my choir recidle.It was half past nine in the morning and I was feeling homicidal.past the bridal shops and underneath the overpass I trapped a homeless man and held a peice of glass to his neck demanding all his cash,in a flash I had tensed up and found myself at a liquor store with no delima but passion,I needed a bottle to relive some of my memories in hopes of never creating new ones ever again,stumbling I fell down on the ground so I put out my hand,only light I could see and the sillouette of my pinky finger,a dark shadow grasped my sweating cadaver.down to the floor with me I pulled the stranger,a man who smelt of whiskey and danger,I whispered lets get lost somewhere,pull some tail,abd never speak of the evening a-gain. He murmered wimsicly that he was engaged so I tossed his body into the counter,knocking out bottles ontop of his subsequently bleeding carcass. I quickly danced to my feet,sweetly kneeing him in his teeth,pointing at my bloody mouth,yelling to the knocked out man to "QUIT BEING A PUSSY". the clerk was on his phone,so back to the aisle I roamed,picking up a bottle of rum and swigging it dry.Schwily was I,so I backed up and ran forward,diving over the counter and dressing the bastard with a black eye,the police came on the other line,I said everything was fine,the man with the problem had exited,the lady on the line smiled and hung up,so I put the will return soon up sign and left.Out into the denver cold,smoldering cigarettes I put out on my tounge,throwing my hands up on the side of park avenue west,while baseball fans shake their head and step on past. Classy indviduals I say as I cough up mucus. Dumb luck I found a couple more tens in the back pack I comendeared from the kid on his long board,greasy hippy fuck. He smelt like pot,I asked if he had any,the idiot just shook his head,so I flabergasted,pulled out my dick and pissed on him,he wasnt mad,just stunned and worried my secretions held disease,fuck me I says,I need to go to bed,so I slapped him in the face and continued down 37th.Back into the ghetto,somthing of a spun time,probally because I bought some crack rocks off the 12 year old with the crooked smile,I was wild and out for the rest of the month,strung out and in denial,finally at the end of the all came the rape,but that was animalistic in nature,so to keep up with apperences I did myself in at the christmas choir series,act number two when I had the mic and I came to spit it. I was suppose to mention mary,but instead I took one to the temple.

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