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Monday, July 18, 2011


Am I even sober yet
or is this thread the thatch work of time invesments
the only charm was our cunning wits
a couple splits of the ten strip
then we took some fifths and fell victim to the shallow nature of it
hell bent self discovery of mind and limbs
divots in your every day perception all credited to belif systems and brain chemistry
lessons of an immense counter culture resurgance,or the hopes of it
see the months were incripted,all it ment was we were at risk of losing all wed spent
no cents,because or sense was abundant to the absurd nature of this
egotistical,the right hand to smart buisness plans
a chance this could all end soon
and im back to my parents guest room,but i feel as though some days I was only in it during the womb,then I heard jesus dipped out the tomb
and if any son of god can live more than once,
I sure as hell can too
Ive spent days reflecting on when my birth name died
and that persona I had been devolping perspired and aquired every ounce of my spine
I would be lying if I said I want to do it all over again,then again
if I had that chance,
wouldent that mean Id have it again?
im spent,dead broke and full of hope and grit
these lips are smoking and spewing filth as if I had never imagined this river of death was how id move
sea sick swaying to the news of the blue faced chain gang looking forward to their last days
but I am awake,and in heaven,
for christs sake
I dont have to fake being nice,only because I look for the nights
where I need to go out and spend my tiem.
most of life I read and drink

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  1. Cunning wits indeed. Thanks for these pieces, William Seward Dr. Bonnie.