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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I do not adhere to a scene
there is NO ART here made for money
words do not cost a cent
and I will never coast in the conversations we indulge...
stroll threw the country with we,
meet the mornings with glee
give yourself to the century
be still,and know you and
as a supernova of vivid color and designs...
rigid and geometric
but flowing and copasetic.
blessed by the treasure of our freindship

a room full of like minded individuals,accented by christmas lights and the bottle of _______
we pass polietly.

tight lipped poetry which was by inclined
eyes and arms wrapped in mine.
spliced single frames of flight
and one las plight for the night

smells and orgasims.trails of fractiles

and here we are again..debating the forecast

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