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Monday, July 25, 2011

I keep wondering if trust will run out soon
if this country will implode
or if we'll recive whats "due"
from a who know who...or maybe someone new
maybe machines'll do it
true it could be a plauge or two
trust it,says a few
dont be a fool says glass half fulls

I on the other hand wait for morning to judge.

maybe afternoon dependig on the night before.
I mean youd want to wake up kinda stoned for the end of the world..
sure,enough is enough
so maybe,if theres a future,ill wake up to my wondeful wife
or a seed or two...a barking dog...hell maybe a platoon
for if were envaded Ill protect those who need to
please do the same for us,
because animals were built to love
but they were built to fight too.
I wish we all would coexsist,
but with yin theres a yang too.
pay what is due
or it will pay ten fold to you

1 comment:

  1. Nicely rhymed, sir. Thanks for. I don't believe in duality; or even a third way. There are a million million paths; choose wisely. Enjoyed the poem.

    Dear Jesus God, this wine's a little nippy. It's only been in the fridge for a few weeks! Eagh, and skoal, or sloak, or whatever they say.