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Thursday, June 30, 2011


She tripped tha fuckest out when the cap on her eyeballs came
you know the feeling
where the structuring of the earth is so deformed it slopes down ward and bubbles
much like a fun mirror.
the next was the digital visions,so overwhelmingly trippy you swear you lost your mind,but you just thought that,so your still thinking
BAM! hairs stand up on your spine.
climb to the fourth level of perception where the glimpses of this geometric triangulated world is built to form, mold and take from altered stated to sober.
glourius amounts of meditation and telekenesis will lead to confused marches in snow
what did I eat,what have I grown
where have I gone,what is going wrong,what are these people dealing with around me
why do I love them so
sleep comes heavy,best friends for all eternity,even if they dont believe it yet
expect to feel worthless at times
its all in the mind
come out with your spirts on for tomorrow we die
again and again this sediment is spent said on deaf levels
vibrations arent crossed,so much is lost its not easy to account for
hords of lords,ladys,maidens and ramblers will take your heart if you let them
dont always jump in the limousine...sometimes blisters have meaning
a special place in my mind is the morning stairing over the contenintal divide
mark,john and I stared blankly in the thin rocky air,alpine miles
the sun is purple and gold,hints of sea foam...its 60 degrees or so...I think about it until Im back on ammons
next to the graveyard,in my plot of a home...covered in flowers
smell of rain
toasting to doom.

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