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Saturday, July 23, 2011

to love:

with no keyboard I type classics in my brain
there are masterpeices when I shut my eyes
I reach her when my mind is wide
& open...
and she is the one thought in which I reside.
I tirelessly write her name inbetween every adjective,stanza and metaphor
in hopes she can feel every morcal of my love
low are the tides when then moonbeams strike
she knows
her & I.
but she never says a word..
there just smiles reflected by the sunlight
traveling down,into and threw
empty head...with only space
lightning bolts


and all I learned was one million seperate ways to refrence the metropolitan epa center of australia
Its in my destiny for beautiful things to generate...even if its a handfull of times.
From dusk at sunrise.

I choose to not say much of anything

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