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Monday, July 4, 2011


this city above me has no constraint of feeling nor reason
more so belif is what seems to be mistreated
the main cause of these blunts coupled by sheets,closed blinds
feelings of retrospect threw lost time
I have to collect myself in the morning to realize those I love are on their own grind
oh doc,you have given yourself to a constant tide
isnt it a sin to give your full concience to the lord,losing indvividuality
the main point of developing ones soul..
or is this the biggest lesson of them all?
explinations are not needed as I snuggle my shallow grave
carving out hope in these american nightmares that resurface
my heart hurts for the crushed skulls and the one to many lines to a single frontal lobe
to the girls I tried to love when I couldent care for my own
my head swells from the nights that ended in the late afternoon
each rain drop is scripture as it replinishs my goals
trapped inbetween keeping it to real and fools gold
when all I want is her smile and warmth.
Over the rickety train tracks with rusted nails to snag your foot
I heard short prayers from the birds sitting along each plot of digested wall
small words not meant for gods
I assume AS MUCH

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