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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When the ______ was finally murdered.

I get higher when these demons start to bubble up
im filled with distortion and compustion when I tumble threw the up & up
knowledge lust,
chambered trouble that Ive been dealing with since ruptured guts
raped jaws singing scripture,mister,I doubt they bust a nut
dirty kids who break for plagerisim and
hash blunts,
ashin um
using venacuilar that blastin ya
these classy fucks
skip to visions of a free lunch.jawwin threw stories and 3 months
regular speeds of thought lost in...what
so you know its suppose to seal like processed doctrines,
so load em up
by introducing christian women to
it seems weve started an epidemic of bastard fucks.
bleed and preach as they beat street kids with pad locks in cotton socks
while packing cotton swabs to top the motto of a gutter punk
fishing for a line up of brain cum with lock jaw that turns into popped losses
that drop foreheads like river cards in false causes.
far away from the car alarms is where I daze off into trolly cars
dream about demeaning the peeps that are slippin hard
its clear my rockers off and I find it hard not to want murder some
but I generally just tend to distort ear drums
I smell the blood of a bunch of pussy writers without a concept of punch
jab step,stick move
dynamite in virgin mothers womb,BOOM,
Gettin tired of nothin new!

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