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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Uncle sams dead fist has got ahold on this bliss of mine
my cry is but dust in a capsule of muscle and time
bishop drawns pawns into his vision
strucutring enviorments with controlled cynicism,
ripples that will be felt threw out all the empires and villages
conspire not to be militant but children of valor and vision
speak genuenly and in the poetry that flows threw your soul
I have grown warm to the woes of the world
as most grow cold
sad eyes spell binded by the pendelum of time
when machienery is blind to the touch
we pass tea and jugs of wine.
If love was but a smile,
then tonight,
warm breeze...bright...
trials bring delusion to these streets of childhood,it pays to be silent these days
the otts,
where you can lose a finger for anything.
Tamed animals in cages behaving in the ways we assume were supposed to
when in actuality you were created
to change the world
small steps,big results:silent victories of mind,body & soul
Its a bold choice to give up material comforts
to glow in the way your heart tells you to
to be in love with ones self is one of the hardest things to do
because you always have to live with you
so make the choices that beckon to you,because evil and sadness is nessicary too
me myself,you will always have room and food as long as I do
open hands,arms and ears.
Is it clear being off grid is the smartest way to exsist
because several idenitys can work too
To tell the truth we need conglamerates as much as we need intellagence
and the perception of militance,when in actuality be pacifist
walking contraditions is the only thing that exsists in this collected unconcience
im disgusted by the tradition in this technological renissance
be honest,truthful and above all be generous
I miss the tremors,those fears that made me feel alive
but I sleep with no muscles aching and unmasked
pure smiles
all I wish in the world is to meditate on a mountain with my princess
dont skin yourself alive to bring smiles.
trial by pile drives
soul full of blood,
mouth full of heat

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