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Friday, July 15, 2011

Stop reading this shit

I wonder what will happen threw these

last days as children

will it simply be a mindstate of visitation or forever given days of jubilation

can i mediate threw this planet of rombus & prisims


is this all what I make of it.

quantum physics

tall statues and tv dinners

deliverance of flashing lights

sounds & colors

forever touched deep by the scent of fresh flowers

old rail ways

& ghost towns.

radio towers which share my darkest memories

and the memrobiia that reminds me of her singularity

trails of depth in a chamber of trust forever commemirated and hung here

on a wall from which time moves threw

and love is true to.

splashes of color paint a story of such,one of heart break



& lust.

I hope you can trust in me as much as I trust in us

we were born as


much greater than the gods.

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