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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

underneath the lamp post
as my hearing goes in and out
words come pouring like new found comfort in bold mouthes
a thought in the system of doubt
without strife,comes widespread words of the wise
shouting unmatched syllabuls of clout in these times we despise.
was it I...the one who fell deep and unannounced?
my only fear is that I shall watch from the couch
traps,dead arms give way to read epitaphs
lastly,I spring to action like forgery in the hands of idenity bandits
planned moments of activity,
then endings begining with the endings
please,forget you once knew me,the truth,was we never even saw it happening
but blind eyes are blinding stars in the canopy
then again isnt every revolutionary stingy
love is bliss
to me

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