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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


visions of her angelic smile always tickles the arsonist in me

the sharpest mind to dangerous to be stained

complacent in being,never in spirtuallity

parachutes reign much like augustus,with a darkened sun.

In the midst of the mist I wander

squander the last of my resources,the result

dreams slaughtered,resurgance of the fallen tear drops ive bathed in.

razor wire chain relays that seperate the weak from the astranged

comforting thoughts that reassure pain

though glory is only a heartbeat away

it pays divedends to live dangerously on these trapese streetes

high wire,lime light kites sent back in time to severe ties

her smile is the only sight I need in mind

it drives me wild only if not to anticipate,i neither know nor hate

only prison walls could keep me from her

praying those words that are in our cards

two forms

night and morning

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