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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Its the first week I've had to myself since I first moved to Denver two years ago...Ive treated it like I was in jail..push ups and water,but with more control over the televison, air conditioning and food I cough up.Its an odd future were coming in to,I swear no one says anything these days,its all regurgitation and inuendos..Ive met some real cats though,but their all balls deep into their lucy or endo...and so am I,though,I dont eat various perscriptions to get high anymore...I know what they all are...I feel theres strength in being a I take the gold acura for a spin,cutting threw the pacific wind of fullerton,with no currency to envolve myself with,so I write incecently about these trips...only taking time for more crunches...water bottles full of NO goes from the illegals to the over the counter supplements with out a wink nor flinch,but at least the family cheering...I guess...I havent really cared what anybodys said since '96 ,but I finally see the repurcussions of this action,quiet months in the highest tax brackets where we snort drugs casually over intellecutal revelry...and I still dont pay for anything,but I will one day...not in a bad way...I dont over consume nor do I let this skin peel away,I think my friends are more concerend with my sanity then ive been lately...and the only place I want to be is ohio again,no real reason,except for the girl with the blonde dreads. Heads give way to sleep followed by the bored trolling of various craigs lists advertisements...I feel draped in metal and fiberoptics,filled with hot stock tips and happy only when Im up to my neck in the tar a stocked kid,with knowledge and wits for the road...but im broke when it comes to holding down jobs and tying ties for the corproate words,this heart is swollen and beating ever more softley then before. Though the war drum bangs in this gut of mine,the celing caves in when I close my eyes,im not long from a relapse to catch the high tides and ride the waves into various time zones...Im done with this espionage,Im tired of trying to be a clone to skate by...I dont want to deal with the unknown liars,the time tables and graph chaerts...I want to be incognito & silent in various parks & parts of the country where the only one in need of hugs is my family,not the blood one...the one that comes after we

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