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Sunday, September 2, 2012


I aint got no fuckin friends
only brothers,partners &
some sisters...most of them one night glances
that become stanzas in my next one.
fathom me being a phantom
ghost on either coasts for income
slander my good name in hopes of a better one
mouth comparable to a Gatling gun
fresh to death
zombie club
years spun so I still talk like I'am GOD
dump & run...squak like I parlayed
then went yak on a knuckle ball.
sippin yak while Im steaming blunts
blue dreaming about reason & logic like I was Mr.Spock
spooky,how shocking it is to me to that I keep it 100
% organic,no rough and tumble
I rumble threw city streets,armed with nothing but 40z and stories
mumble glory from the fourth story
wake up on the floor still high from the brownies I ate the night before
Im afraid im getting used to this...more so...I think Im getting pissed
hungry like an rhinoceros in the final days of the apocalypse
I have spit nothing but relentless sentences
in hopes that it ministers to these kids who only worship dividends
my lymbic system is aligned with my pineal gland
and the bumblebees fill the blue skys until the sun is dimmed
and we huddle close as the planet burns.

now on to other worlds

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