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Sunday, September 30, 2012

dam u str8 bby grl

I know you read this.
timid ramblings of a cosmic infant.
I don't know if you can connect all these dots...
even as these storms collage upon the front range...I believe in us
like a typhoon belives in pain.
I lust for trust in a day & age of busted guts for mindless fucks
monitary funds thrusted about as if there was no sun
no fun for trustafarian hum-bum's from bum fuck
with dreams of tummy tucks & humboldt zones
in the middle of IOWA...for slipknots are the noose that binds.
clones of a modern dosage...three microdots short of a high voltage over dose
only in hopes to see other worlds.
but your lost...fuck it...I'am claim to love me with your body
but what about your soul?
nose goes on the next mindless voyage...I hope your sleep isnt somthing you toy with
because I could be the boy of your dreams if your awake enough to see me
glorified addict who dares of being lost over seas,with someone as beautiful as
treat me to reasons you'd still choose him,not that it matters
because real men arent concerned by children
even if he has dividends he probally cant work a .357
or is probally still concered about heaven
I inhabit it.
I cant promise endless prom nights with horse drawn carriages
because I have no care about monitary aspirations
nor comparisons
fair is fair,in these eyes,and Im careless by trade
I say what I say
so the only one to blaim for hearbreaks or vacays
can all be directed my way for the next few days
Ill have you screaming mayday as I play in your place
"your poems get randomly erotic"
as you'd say.

well darlin,I tend to do things my own way.

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