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Monday, September 10, 2012



whole town mad at me
fuck it
I am glad to be
greasy,gettin skeezy with that steezy-deezy
the whole pounds gravity...rolled up and Im proud to be
chill-en like a villain troped out like it needs to be


komboucha and a blunt hun

align your fuckin mind son!

>It came like scripture
like a whistle from underneath every thistle of this mustache
every morsel of my laugh interacted with the feeling of stoic backlash
...back handed comments ALWAYS accompanied by a wave of hand
Am I accomplishing nothing...simply by standing pat
clear in the rear view is my view on time & intellectual patten
ill snatch that up,rehash it,and never mention the adaptation
closely intertwined with the thoughts in our mind
I find elation in grabbing my surf board and riding the brain waves
creation theorist with a heart of gold,who sold out to be apart of somthing more
a universe which bestows every wish you could on and so forth
self loathing narcissist who dips and dodges court
affordable to do art at cheap costs...or simply for love
feelings bubble up and tumble over

< nightmares to realities dreamers turn to casualties started with a mistress ended with a family whole planet down with me, function as a human being composed of robotic circutry fuck it,I am clammering these damaging, fathomed fantasy facades over 40s (but thats how i like these broads) she looked over and whispered there is no "GOD" I whispered too there is no "Loot" SO WE DO WHAT WE DO'S ?>


faith kind of damaged me


a master of the phantom speech

"she impostures her doctrine as if it some how responsible for sofeting the blow" I looked her deep in the heart and said "NO." This isnt the century for this...better yet our synergy is inept,and quite frankly Im running out of breath...Ive wasted so much on our love that It makes me question my realities truths...but


Im simply getting long in the tooth.

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