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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


beautiful human error
mirrored lives of pharaohs/scarecrows in a modern satire
senses tingled by the marrow and hair particles on my attire
the memories of sunlight that flood my film reel recollection
to a time when I loved relentless...a time when you spoke of soft questions
nussling your soul deep in me
and I in thee...inbetween the paradox I out foxed your sorrowful heart
to love a rich girl takes delicate words
elegant thoughts
a hell of a good plan to let her taste the grimey world you bathe in
but never be baptized in it
let life fall apart and reglaze
For me it takes grit,to bite the bullet on how far I've come
some peoples best friends get hit by cars
others die inside of them.
often times Ive wondered if I was a gift to humanity
or if exsistence was to me,what I belived I was to it
the latter seems more fitting.
as I sit upon mount olympis in my head
I wander about the stars in every breathe
my brothers break bread
around blunt fire we recollect
respect the heros who have passed
test the water//inspect the words
ghost...jet...gag orders.
ride,write and smile bitter...veins like winter
dismember foes because it is what it is
and its come to this
tremble...because these moments are going super nova
birth of a new galaxy,and I am the nebula
how much does it cost a soul
for a glimpse into black holes

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