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Friday, September 21, 2012


there was a sewer in her eyes
industrial light as the miasma hugged the skyline
our souls have been asleep for sometime
spires collided with the geometric shapes in our spines
wine was sipped as the city shifted
relentless tremors brought sentences with spin
she thought she was in my head
I knew I was in hers
first world problems
last ditch solutions,pollution threw putrid development
a stint in rehab for the absolute fuck of it

earlier in the timeline:

there was a pool in her eyes
casino lights as the mimosa hugged her lip line
our souls haven't slept in sometime
fires collided with the rudimentary pipes that we hit
lips were roasted as priorities shifted
nights glisten as we piss glitter
she thought she would never dip so far in
I thought it had been a grip since I had lived in reprehensible sin
first world solutions
go for broke efforts,stepping up to the plate and giving in

every end has a beginning

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