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Sunday, September 23, 2012

It came like scripture
like a whistle from underneath every thistle of this mustache
every morsel of my laugh interacted with the feeling of stoic backlash
...back handed comments ALWAYS accompanied by a wave of hand
Am I accomplishing nothing...simply by standing pat
clear in the rear view is my view on time & intellectual patten
ill snatch that up,rehash it,and never mention the adaptation
closely intertwined with the thoughts in our mind
I find elation in grabbing my surf board and riding the brain waves
creation theorist with a heart of gold,who sold out to be apart of somthing more
a universe which bestows every wish you could on and so forth
self loathing narcissist who dips and dodges court
affordable to do art at cheap costs...or simply for love
feelings bubble up and tumble over
lust is pro rated and sports rough and tumbles
mumble core fashioned fascist with a taste for louie belts and high speed crashes
downing mimosas with high grade amphetamines and splashes of clarity
compare me to inconceivable delinquents with a taste for devilish
fever...suck it dry until their skulls seperate like conffetti
and their brains are slurped up like spagetti
we are the all seeing
the dreamers of deameaning speechless reason
set in stone seasons
which blow over and seep in
every fractured bone is a literal road I fumble down

each moment is treasured

and Im getting older now.

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