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Friday, September 21, 2012


I wish I could be vain
complain about the day to day
make wages be my main focus
& quit day dreaming.
I wish I wasn't so insane
so rare minded and strange
so open and vulnerable
so much so I get mistaken for someone with no heart
or testicles
these festival dwellers are caught up in the nose goes
burned out frontal lobe
coast boast
absolute joke...fear and loathing on a roller coaster of
deviated septum's and half collapsed lungs
strung out spun-ions without a peon of thought
eons Ive fought for visions to be sought like loot
proof that we choose the noose that binds
our minds to
a universe filled with divine truth
my minds tooth is sharpened and bites
at night I ride and fight
under the city lights as my strides become wide
I suddenly feel as alive
as I did as a child.

my rifle is this pen

I am a solider wading the tide,biding my time to fully open my mind
to the paradigm that



a beautiful spectrum,I recollect.

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