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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Triangles of the midwest

kill a bottle of ta-kill-ya
lying butt naked sharing our
feelings...would ya..
could I really be this conscience
as silly as it sounds//its ever so modest
like the amount im smoking...OZs of weed
PounDs of hasish
peaceful & miildly sedated
as driven as a race car is
raging lanes like the sentences I spit
throw fits over it and
its been a grip...
and Ive become arrested by maturity.
nossles of prophetic word play rush over me
but no P.D will surmise me
hypothesize a surprising,hungry,confounded cyclone
who needs an I.V
about a year away from being instrumental in an uprising
IV times the man Im striving to be
drum major whom behaves bum fuck
actin dum dum for flavor...I got dirt under these nails,

so I rarely do favors.

shes compiling beautiful speeches
a teacher teeming with glee in the way that she leads
saintly in the way she bleeds/
meek delicate letters aligned and in symmetry
a symphony!
a wolf howl amongst bones and broken down palaces
Id sleep with her at the cemetary every night
if need be
for now I sleep sweet with my calices
underneath an open window draped by a sheer flag meant to burnout the
sunrise on the couch
threw the empty mickeys and jimmy bottles
the reasons we feel like we might
go sober.
smoken cigarettes and smoldering
more approprite for the neighborhood

I find it cute that she dosent know shes my muse.

I keep my heart loaded to enduce truths
the arouma of hardwork is on my clothes
were both loners
whove found each other in this big world
our little hearts
the simple reasons were modest
hard working
positive and lost in thought.
she is what I am,and I love her for that
we are what we both cant be
and were in love because of that.
but love cant always be a fact
theres so many traps along the way
so many days where its to early
or to late.
so many nights where I want to grab her passionatly and scream
lets take it second by second
every day
until were left with nothing but each others smiles
& scents.
she isnt my world...but shes damn near close
and Id give the world to be that damn close.

and I saw you,amongst the geometric patterns
the triangles of the midwest as they filled the sky

Its...just taken me some time to meditate

let YOU love who YOU need too

so I apologize...

...& I am filled with the passion of one million exploding suns


you illuminate my soul in this dark time.

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