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Sunday, September 2, 2012

They kept saying
"Andrew...come home...there's nothing for you out there in that big world.."
then she came
and I did too
then we moved in together and fucked that up too.
after that I got blasted and rapped and scratched the surface for passion
all I found was facebook friends and
fuckin rad.
after that was
cross country madness with sewer kids who have big business mentality's
just cant be on paper to turn these realities into facilities
better yet factions
trashy tribes unaware of the outcome...of being a Hodge podge trashcan junkie
spunky bunky is what my mother would don me
especially as we sipped Schaffleys on the mighty Mississippi
showered by the ease of never letting it all slip away.
pain and how it gets that way... it can lead to golden shores and trust in family
even if its created
thats why I AM THIS WAY
never known LOVE in the right way
the long days churn
a passion burns deep in my heart
its to share my art with each
and every

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