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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


a crane landed on my shoulder
she whispered
heart ache is in the eye of the beholder
I lowered my heavy brain...
mostly in hopes the pain would go away
as I watched my lover dig around in my chest cavity.
I would have never at that moment known what she had planned for me
nor will either of us ever fully grasp the gravity;
of the day she never came back to me
no anything...
and she lives down the street


I see her bite marks on my chest every
fore warning or fair warning
it seems
learning is such a deemeaning process
like meditating threw bombing raids.
its been some days,
some ones I really didnt deserve.
some pain Ive endured that ive never even thought
about causing.
but every sunrise is just as beautiful as the last one
and every sunset is filled with laughter and dance
I thought about pausing this runaway train called life
but goonies never say die.
eye for an eye
the universe decides
as for I
im off to separate dimensions
not as so desperate for attention
as I seem to

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