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Sunday, September 30, 2012


my love is existential,penciled in between lines of your laughter
martinis rapture as divine intervention calls us cabs home
shes blown,marching dust & yerba matte has us both in the zone
miles become moments on the highway of trust.
we cover a large circumference before the sun shows
loads are lifted off of shoulders when the moon glows
we roll under covers until the buzz slows
she sleeps for years...I toss and turn
fumbling threw words in the early morning to accurately describe the night before
and why time fluctuates so.
she steps on toes if she wants to
my pain threshold is above and beyond a normal one
the bite marks on my body are a signal to this
my little vampires all blissed out
lying like she is cromatose.
and the suns pumps its rays inbetween the slits in the blinds
my minds eye is connected to hers
if only for a little while.
its odd how things go
how feelings can grow
even if they existed from ignition,its delightful to be confirmed.
so now
as the world turns
I'm elated to learn our feelings twirl
like a cyclone decimating small farming communities in southwestern Missouri.

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